7 Insect Bites Singaporeans Have Gotten At Some Point & How To Identify Them

Sandfly bites
Insect bites in Singapore   Situated in a hot and humid environment, we are all familiar with the bumpy, itchy and sometimes pus-filled mosquito bites. But once in a while, you might get a bite - or if you are unfortunate, a series of bites - that looks similar to...
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10 Ways To Future Proof Your Child Aside From Piano And Ballet Lessons

Courses that prepare your child for the future   Image credit: The Learning Lab While not all Singaporean mothers are ‘Tiger Mums’, our ‘ kiasu ’ness transcends generations, and we are still eager as ever to send our kids for all sorts of enrichment and extracurricular activities to keep them...
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7 Ways To Donate Leftover Food In Singapore

Willing Heart's soup kitchen
Prevent wastage by giving unwanted food to charity   Source Mention throwing out leftover food, and we’ll always have that one friend saying, “think about the children in Africa!” While Africa is an 11-hour flight away, we can always think closer to home, and remember the hungry living amidst us....
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Hitcheed is a New App That is Basically a Free Wedding Planner with REVIEWS

Hitcheed wedding photographers
Dream Weddings That Cost Less   We all have dreams of being lawfully wedded to The One , eyes sparkling with tears of joy at the thought of a new life with your soulmate in your new BTO, graced by the peace of long-awaited independence. Unfortunately, the cost to solemnise...
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10 Unique HDB Blocks That Prove Our Homes Are More Than Grey Boxes Of Concrete

weird hdb COVER
Hidden gems amongst slabs of concrete   Although the majority of Singapore reside in flats, we often take our homes for granted, and rarely take notice of the uniquely-designed HDBs in our midst. Instead of looking up, we look down at our phones, eyes fixated, fingers constantly scrolling - on...
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"Giving Week" Makes Giving Back To Society This Holiday Season Easy And Straightforward

Donate a phone to a migrant worker during Giving Week
Spread a little joy this Giving Week   Adapted from Source We’re all guilty of griping about #firstworldproblems - like when our photos don’t receive enough likes, or when our closet doors won't close due to an overflowing fashion collection. But jokes aside - we’re so surrounded by comfort that...
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Singapore's First Unmanned Self-Service Provision Shop Exists In Hougang

self-service provision shop
No one’s looking at this self-service provision shop   Besides the sight of cows and horses roaming free by the roads, one thing I’ve always been fascinated by during road trips in Australia is the honesty policy of roadside kiosks. These unmanned stalls display flowers, fruits and vegetables from the...
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5 Things Every Homeowner Needs To Know Before Buying Your First Flat

Compare mortage rates GoBear
Buying Your First Home   Monumental as it is, buying your first home is a milestone in life that has potential to cause headaches of epic proportions. There are various technicalities behind each type of housing, as well as endless arrays of financial grants to benefit from. We all want...
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14 Books That Shaped Every Singaporean Childhood And Where To Get Them

True Singapore Ghost Stories
Books you grew up with Before Harry Potter and Twilight exploded into our lives, there were titles like The Hardy Boys, Enid Blyton and Lao Fu Zi. Their storylines were simple - no vampires or plot-twists here - just plain, straightforward storytelling of heroes saving the day. Whether you were...
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8 Raw Sides Of Singapore's Underbelly That You'll Never See In Tourist Guides

The side of SG you’ll never see in tourist guides   There’s a side of Singapore we’re all too familiar with - the iconic ‘durian-spiked’ Esplanade, the infinity pool at MBS, or even the chicken rice from Tian Tian at Maxwell. Google "Singapore" and that's the Singapore we'd all see. ...
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