The New Funan Features Robots That Carry Your Shopping Bags And Carpark Reservations

Funan smart car-parking system
Smart features at the new Funan   We all remember the ol’ Funan Digitalife Mall as the go-to hub for gadgets, games and, for some, maid cafes. But come 2019, you’ll also think of the new Funan as a crystal ball into the future of shopping malls. Besides amazing facilities...
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6 Reasons OneKM Is The Go-To Mall To Prepare For Hari Raya This Ramadan

OneKM Ramadan - Cover Image
Hari Raya preparations at OneKM   Ramadan’s barely started but some of us are already preparing for Syawal, the month of Eid, with thoughts of buying kuehs , baju raya , and home decorations filling our heads as we go about fasting. And while the Geylang Bazaar is home to...
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DBS' App Has A New Financial Adviser Feature That Helps You Make Financial Decisions

DBS NAV Hub - Your Financial GPS
Financial planning with the DBS app   Image adapted from: @thatbujokid Taking your first step into financial independence is never easy. You’re armed with a jumble of messy receipts and not much else, but now you’re making your own money, you’ve got a newfound determination to save and spend wisely....
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FITGEAR Reached 1 Million Revenue In A Year Selling Ultra Light Travel Gears

foldable extra bag
Fitgear travel accessories   Image adapted from: FITGEAR All this talk about backpacking getaways to exotic locales might have spurred you to update your #wanderlust plans, starting with getting new travel gear. But then, an ugly problem rears its head: getting the good stuff doesn’t come cheap.  Enter Fitgear ....
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9 Online Grocery Shopping Sites In Singapore For When You're Too Lazy To Leave Home

Online grocery stores in Singapore cover image
Online grocery stores in Singapore   Image adapted from: @dannarodeza30 , @ubaidihazim There is a bit of a typical aunty in every Singaporean, regardless of age or gender. Truly, nothing beats the glee of snagging a good deal, even if the savings are a teeny tiny amount. Enter online grocery...
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Smartclean Is An Award-Winning Portable Invention That Cleans Spectacles With Vibrations

Smartclean Vision.5 - spectacles cleaner
Smartclean Vision.5 - spectacles cleaner   Image adapted from: Smartclean Vision.5 Those of us who weren’t blessed with 20/20 eyesight know how frustrating it is to keep our glasses in tip-top shape. Scratches, scuff marks, and smudges - they all appear out of nowhere. If you’re easily annoyed by a...
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YOOX: Luxe Fashion Store Offering 15% Off & Free Shipping to SG in May

YOOX - Melissa Jelly Shoes
Online shopping in Singapore - clothes, bags & shoes   Image adapted from: Melissa No matter how tempting the window displays of designers like Valentino and Alexander Wang look, there’s no need to longingly eye their designs when you can do all your necessary browsing online - at competitive prices...
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Get $5 Off Foodpanda Deliveries From 12 Fast Food Restaurants This May

foodpanda dbs discount
Fast food delivery discounts   Image adapted from (clockwise from top left): @subway , @burgerkingsg , Eatbook and @pezzopizzasg   Sure, cooking or eating out is great, but there will always be those times when your stomach demands to be fed - and your body is just feels too lazy...
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2018 Guide To WiFi Routers Rental In Singapore - 8 Vendors With Self Pick-Up Before You Fly

Portable WiFi Router Rental Singapore
Stay connected by WiFi during your vacation   Image adapted from:  @roamingmanmy As we’re so accustomed to staying connected online everywhere we go, it would be almost too horrifying to be devoid of internet access while travelling. After all, how else are you supposed to give real-time updates to your...
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NTUC FairPrice Is Giving $5 Return Vouchers To Shoppers From 28th April to 1st May

NTUC - collage
NTUC FairPrice Vouchers   Getting paid to shop is a real thing , but that’s just for other people’s groceries. What if you could make some extra cash doing your own shopping?  That’s right: this Labour Day weekend, FairPrice is rewarding all shoppers by giving us $5 back in vouchers*...
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