9 Professional Ear Piercing Parlours In Singapore With Sterilised Tools And Proper Aftercare

Bdazzle ear piercing singapore
Places to pierce your ears in Singapore   Image adapted  from:   Bdazzle You might have thought about getting your ears to add a little jazz to your look, but hesitated in fears of getting a nasty infection. Here’s a list of legitimate piercing parlours in Singapore that prioritise safety...
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HyfeCafe - Travel-Themed Hangout To Plan Trips & Score Discounted Attraction Tickets Worldwide

Hyfe cafe train cabin interior
New cafe in Tampines 1   Going for a holiday is great. But planning one can be a hassle, especially when it’s with a group of friends. Enter HyfeCafe , a new travel-themed cafe in Tampines 1 to hit with your travel kakis . If you’re preparing for an upcoming...
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Get $10 Off When You Shop On The Amazon Prime Now App By 31 March

Tiger Beer for less than $2 per can
Online shopping with Amazon Prime Now   Image adapted from: @m_r_ok_t_t__o We’ve always longed for the convenience of Amazon, and boy, were we excited when we heard about the launch of Amazon Prime Now in Singapore last year. No surprises that online shopping is convenient, but when there’s 2-hour delivery...
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SingPost Now Has Over 150 POPStations Islandwide So You'll Stop Missing Your Parcels

Using POPStation to collect parcels
  Collect and return online shopping parcels in Singapore   Image adapted from: @safrapunggol Ah, the woes of online shopping. I’ve lost count of the number of times a courier has tried to deliver my parcel, but alas, no one was home to answer the door. Instead, I’d shuffle sullenly...
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7 Ways To Get Rid Of Lizards Before Their Tails Drop Off & Go Inside Your Ear

Onions to get rid of lizards
Get rid of lizards with these easy affordable methods   Image credit:  @ mybrightlife_gillsmulders Happily dwelling in the corners of our homes, the dreadful lizard wreaks havoc by making unwelcome appearances when we least expect. No matter how many times people say lizards are harmless, let’s face it: they’re still...
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EZ-Link's New App Gives You Rewards Like Plus! LinkPoints & Dining Deals For Tapping Your Card

EZ-Link’s New App and Rewards   Image adapted from: SG50 Icons , Food Republic With Singapore’s well-connected public transport system, we’re often found with our ez-link card tucked in our wallets.   But it’s now time to make your commute work for you -  the NEW EZ-Link app earns you rewards...
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Yamaha's Clearance Sale At Plaza Singapura Is Shaving Up To 90% Off Original Prices

Yamaha Clearance Sale - Cover Image
Clearance sale at Yamaha Plaza Singapura     Whether it’s the satisfaction from mastering a talent or the desire to impress someone, knowing how to play a musical instrument is definitely worth the calluses. But the journey to becoming the next Hendrix is paved with determination, effort, and of course,...
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Singtel Circle Gives FREE Local Data On Sundays And Monthly Discounts To Families In Singapore

Singtel Circle Free Data on Sundays
Singtel Circle - enjoy benefits when you bundle your services   The telco scene in Singapore's getting a little crowded, so to end the long-standing argument of why “my telco is better than yours”, Singtel has come up with Singtel Circle , that rewards you with free local data every Sunday...
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Your DBS Visa Card May Win You 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Final Tickets, Flights And Accommodation

TSL DBS Visa Card - Win tickets to the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Win tickets to the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, thanks to Visa   Crowds cheering wildly as players enter the field. The stadium emblazoned in the teams’ colours. Most Singaporean soccer fans can only catch these sights on the small screen. Well, that may no longer be a faraway goal -...
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REACH Enables You To Give Unfiltered Feedback About Budget 2018 To The Gahmen Through FB & Twitter

REACH - Cover Image
Share your thoughts on Budget 2018 with REACH      Let’s face it: when it comes to Singapore’s Budget , the section we probably care most for is the GST Voucher part. Carbon Tax? Community Silver Trust? Ain’t got time fo’ dat ...or so I thought.  Like it or not,...
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