8 Home Living Products From Tmall To Pimp Up Your Home With Up To 79% Off

Tmall sale Taobao cheap home and living items and furniture
Tmall’s home & living items mega-sale   Image adapted from: Tmall Beyond the usual clothes and bags that you get on Taobao and Tmall, there’s a whole world of household items for you to spruce up your house with, minus the crazy price tags.  There’s no better time to start...
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12 Dessert Table Decorations Under $14 On Ezbuy That Party Supplies Shops Overcharge For

Cheap party decorations from ezbuy curtain fairylights
Cheap party decorations from Ezbuy   Image adapted from: stylemepretty Let’s be honest, we all want to impress our guests with a beautiful space. But when it comes down to decorating the blank canvas of a function room, we realise that 1) physical shops like Party City don't actually stock...
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10 Rental Cars In Singapore From $52/Day For Special Occasions, JB Road Trips & Spoil Market Tinder Dates

Toyota Vios
Affordable rental cars for every occasion   With Singapore’s extensive public transport network, saving for a car is something that we’ve all thrown to the back of our minds - after all, we’ve our HDBs to scrimp for. But there are occasions like Raya visiting or taking a road trip...
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Oakwood Studios Singapore Is The New Staycation Hideout In Orchard Road Unknown To Many

Oakwood Studios Singapore staycation
Low-key staycation spot in town   Whether you’re worn out from the 9 to 5 grind or surviving the avalanche of assignments, staycations are the perfect weekend retreat from all that stress. But the typical options like chalets are often in hard-to-reach corners, and hotels can get a little pricey....
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Singtel's New Unlimited Data Add-On Is Made For People Who Burst Their Data Limit Every Month

Singtel DATA X INFINITY unlimited data add-on
Singtel’s DATA X INFINITY unlimited data plan   As humans of the 21st Century, we’re pretty much one with our smartphones. But we’ve all had moments where a cafe’s weak WiFi causes our data to take over while we’re spamming IG Stories - or when we were too engrossed in...
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8 Customisable Gift Ideas From Singapore-Based Instagram Stores For Friends Who Already Have Everything

Personalised Gifts
Personalised gifts from Instagram stores in Singapore   It’s often challenging to search for the perfect gift for your loved ones - especially for those who seem to own everything under the sun. When all else fails, your best bet is to get them something you know will make them...
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AppeDine Is A New All-In-One Food App That Lets You Book Party Spaces, Private Chefs and Restaurants

Appedine food app
Appedine - The one-stop for all foodies   We’ve all at some point experienced that last-minute panic when a special occasion creeps up on us and we haven’t a clue where to bring our dates to celebrate just days before D-day.  But we've got good news. Whether you’re planning a...
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This New Travel App Combines Google Docs & Booking Sites For Friends Arrowed To Plan Trips

Ready to travel SATS travel app for last minute trips
  All-in-one app for last minute getaways     When it comes to planning a trip, we can all agree that the fun part is usually just deciding that you’re going on a holiday, while the rest is unavoidable, ho-hum work which require lots of time and effort. But guess...
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MDIS's Hospitality Courses Are Made For 'O' Level Grads & Diploma Holders Who Aren't After 9-5 Deskbound Jobs

MDIS Hospitality - Angela
Studying hospitality at MDIS   Whenever someone tells me they’re in a hospitality course, my mind goes “Oh, so you study about hotels.” While that isn’t entirely false, I’ve since learnt that hospitality is so much more than that.  We chatted with Angela, a former student of MDIS’ Higher Diploma...
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11 Unique Vending Machines In Singapore That Sell More Than Just Soda & Snacks

Dried flower bouquet vending machine
Coolest vending machines in Singapore   Image adapted from: @windflowerflorist  As a kid in school, there was no greater satisfaction than plonking my coins into a vending machine, and seeing my favourite snacks unwind themselves from their slots before falling into the collection pit.   But vending machines these days have...
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