8 #HairGoals Makeovers For Singaporean Girls That Won't Completely Fry Your Hair

New Year, New You - Hair makeovers perfect for 2018   There are two kinds of females in this world. Daredevils who hop on the trend bandwagon every other month, and the ones who've stuck with the same old hairstyle for the past 10 years of their life, fearing their...
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5 Health Apps That Pay You Cash When You Exercise

Low commitment ways to earn money health apps with cash back
Earn extra cash when you work out   Exercise - whether you love it or hate it, we all need it. And while some Singaporeans already have their workout routines, it’s still an ongoing battle against procrastination for the rest of us.  Nothing motivates us kiasu peeps better than freebies,...
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Caring Skin Has Singapore's First "Rainfall Facial" That'll Leave You With Baby-Smooth Skin In 90 Mins

caring skin rainfall facial
The award-winning Nano Perfector “rainfall” facial   If the term " rainfall facial ” sounds familiar to you, that's probably because it was highly publicised for being the $1,000 facial Angelina Jolie and other celebrities swear by to look as ageless as they do. Yes, a $1,000 facial . We...
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8 Affordable Dupes For Highly-Raved Cosmetics And Where To Find Them In Singapore

makeup dupes
Cheap alternatives for popular makeup   Image adapted from: stylelobster Heartache is real, and many of us experience it every time we walk into Sephora and emerge empty-handed because we can’t afford all their premium products. But hold up - shopping for makeup doesn’t always have to be a wallet-draining...
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Bugis Has A Cluster Of Cosmetic Shops With Cheaper Prices & With-Purchase Freebies You Can't Find Online

tony moly
Promotions and freebies at Bugis Junction - Glam Arena   To some of us, skincare means slathering on products and hoping for the best - though a sudden pimple breakout will have us frantically looking for solutions online. Yet, waiting for your buys is always a mood dampener, and there’s...
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5 Cheap Foundation Applicators That Are Legit Alternatives To Beauty Blenders

cheap foundation applicators
Cheap foundation applicators in Singapore   Image credit (clockwise): The Smart Local,  Belle-amie ,  ezbuy ,  The Singular Olivia For most of us who aren’t blessed with flawless skin, we’re thankful for the liquid miracle we’ve come to know as foundation. But with great invention, comes the tricky task of...
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10 Nail Salons For Singaporean Girls To Get Gelish On Fleek Under $25

Cheap gelish manicures Singapore
Cheapest manicure places in Singapore     Image adapted from: Vaniday Many of us have experienced the agony of painstakingly painting our own nails, only to see our works of art slowly chipping away to naught within the next few days. Gelish nails last longer than regular manicures, but many...
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10 Chiropractors In Singapore For Office Workers With Body Aches Of A 75-Year Old

Natural Healings
Chiropractors in Singapore to get yo’ back on track    Source Our sedentary lifestyles typically comprise planting ourselves in front of a computer as we type away, or staring down at our smartphones captivated by the latest memes or K-drama episode.  With these habits omnipresent in our lives, it’s time...
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5 Things Singaporeans Didn't Know About Oral Health

Oral Health Teeth Gums Facts Listerine
Brush Up On Your Oral Health   Source We’ve all sat through enough dental health talks and had several dummy mouth models shoved in our faces to know that oral health is important. Yet, when it comes down to deciding between 15 minutes of flossing and an extra 15 minutes...
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22 Beauty Products In JB's Sephora & Watsons That Cost Up To 73% Cheaper Than In Singapore

Cheap beauty products JB
Makeup and beauty products cheaper in JB than in Singapore   Adapted from source: @jamsilvestre For us makeup-wearers, putting on makeup is both a form of expression and artistry. Of course, beauty doesn’t come cheap… in Singapore. In Malaysia, it’s a whole new world. With up to 70% discounts by...
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