7 Lesser Known Skincare Tips For Singaporeans Who Are Constantly Plagued By Pimples

Lesser Known Acne Tips - Cover
Acne control tips   Having spent my teen years staring at a giant Ferrero Rocher in the mirror, I can safely attest that acne ain’t fun. Coupled with our country’s unforgiving heat and humidity, our faces are pretty much hotbeds for pimple parties, which is why a good skincare regime...
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Shopee x L’Oréal Super Brand Week Has Up To 60% Off On Brands Like L’Oréal Paris, La Roche-Posay & Maybelline

Shopee x L’Oréal Beauty Sale Week   Image on bottom-left adapted from: @maybelline Sure, the National Day weekend is past and we’re mourning the end of all those NDP lobangs . But to curb post-sale withdrawals, two names well known to any shopaholic are heralding good news.  Hear this -...
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14 Spin Classes And Cycling Studios In Singapore For Those Who Prefer Biking Indoors

Spin Class - studio biking pure fitness
Cycling studios and spin classes in Singapore   Spin classes aren’t new, but they’re becoming more popular among those hopping onto the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. It’s a rigorous and adrenaline pumping workout, and you don’t actually need to know how to ride a bike for it - because everything will...
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Moist Diane's New Shampoo That Sold 1 Million Bottles In 10 Days Is Now In Singapore

Free Moist Diane shampoo and conditioner samples
Moist Diane - silicone-free Japanese shampoo   Brushing your hair 100 times isn’t good enough these days. Even our countless shelves of hair products - everything from hair masks to conditioning sprays - nup, not good enough. But with Moist Diane ’s new shampoo, we can take a breather from...
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Your Next Fitspo Purchase At FITLION Is Your Chance To Catch Manchester United Live In The UK

old trafford
FITLION’s 11th Big Birthday Bash Grand Draw   Image adapted from: Old Trafford Back when I was gunning for Dwayne Johnson’s body - in more ways than one, FITLION was my go-to place for affordable protein powders and supplements. 4 years and 10 kilograms later, I’m glad they’ve widened their...
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5 Fish Spas In Singapore From $10 To Shed Dead Skin & Overcome Your Fear Of Tickles

fish spa
Fish spas in Singapore   Image adapted from @masqwert  We heard of a fair number of strange beauty treatments , but having tiny fish slowly nibble at our feet would probably top our charts as the most bizarre. Known as Garra Rufa, these tiny fish eat away the dead skin...
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Flutters' So-fine Souffle Lash Extension Gives You Natural Doll-Like Lashes

flutters singapore lash extension
Flutters’ natural-looking eyelash extensions    Ladies with stick-straight lashes: I feel you. While mascaras and falsies get their job done, they are 1. time-consuming to put on, 2. unnatural looking and 3. nobody wants to spend ten minutes every morning trying not to stab themselves in the eye. But yet,...
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6 Skincare Products That Will Create The Korean Glass Skin You've Always Wanted

CNP laboratory skincare products
CNP Laboratory skincare products for smooth, glass-like skin   The Koreans might be on to something with their recent glass skin trend - that is, clear, luminous skin that’s almost “translucent”. Not to be confused with dewy skin, glass skin relies more on a good skincare regime than on cosmetics...
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8 Most Unusual Beauty Treatments In Singapore That Claim To Work Wonders For Your Skin

bird poop facial in singapore
Weirdest beauty treatments in Singapore    We all know someone who is always on the lookout for the latest face mask or body scrub that claims to promote cell rejuvenation, skin elasticity and yada yada. Or perhaps you are that person. But no matter how much of a beauty junkie...
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Activpass Lets You Book Last-Min Fitness Classes & Spa Treatments At Up To 90% Off

Activpass cover image - float hiit
Fitness, beauty, and wellness deals on the Activpass app   In most cases, doing things last minute will get you in trouble. But there is an app that actually rewards you for it - heads up, last-minute chiongsters ! Activpass is an app that compiles fitness classes and wellness treatments...
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