Flutters' So-fine Souffle Lash Extension Gives You Natural Doll-Like Lashes

flutters singapore lash extension
Flutters’ natural-looking eyelash extensions    Ladies with stick-straight lashes: I feel you. While mascaras and falsies get their job done, they are 1. time-consuming to put on, 2. unnatural looking and 3. nobody wants to spend ten minutes every morning trying not to stab themselves in the eye. But yet,...
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6 Skincare Products That Will Create The Korean Glass Skin You've Always Wanted

CNP laboratory skincare products
CNP Laboratory skincare products for smooth, glass-like skin   The Koreans might be on to something with their recent glass skin trend - that is, clear, luminous skin that’s almost “translucent”. Not to be confused with dewy skin, glass skin relies more on a good skincare regime than on cosmetics...
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8 Most Unusual Beauty Treatments In Singapore That Claim To Work Wonders For Your Skin

bird poop facial in singapore
Weirdest beauty treatments in Singapore    We all know someone who is always on the lookout for the latest face mask or body scrub that claims to promote cell rejuvenation, skin elasticity and yada yada. Or perhaps you are that person. But no matter how much of a beauty junkie...
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Activpass Lets You Book Last-Min Fitness Classes & Spa Treatments At Up To 90% Off

Activpass cover image - float hiit
Fitness, beauty, and wellness deals on the Activpass app   In most cases, doing things last minute will get you in trouble. But there is an app that actually rewards you for it - heads up, last-minute chiongsters ! Activpass is an app that compiles fitness classes and wellness treatments...
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7 Young Singaporeans Reveal How Their Nagging Problems Were Solved After Trying TCM

Eu Yan Sang’s TCM Clinic cover image
Eu Yan Sang’s TCM Clinic   Many of us are familiar with western medication. But when we hear the words Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), most of us think of ancient China, our ah mas and the bitter smell of medicinal herbs. However, TCM is more than just its stereotype of...
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Mirage Aesthetic Has A Treatment That Will Achieve Korean Glass Skin In One Session

Mirage Aesthetic - glass skin procedure
Mirage Aesthetic facial for clear and moisturised skin   Having watched a K-drama or two, it’s always difficult to keep my eyes off the heroine’s glowy “glass skin”. It’s the latest Korean beauty trend - having skin so plump and moisturised, till it’s almost translucent like glass. But wait up:...
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10 Non-Lupsup Late-Night Massage Parlours In Singapore To Nua At From $33/h After You OT

massage - 24 hour foot spa and free movies
Late-night and 24h massages in Singapore   Image credit: Imperial Apple Spa For all office workers out there: we get it. Our days are spent hunched over a computer, eyes glazed and fingers flying furiously away at the keyboard. But there’s nothing a good massage won’t cure. Sadly, with the...
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6 Painless & Non-Permanent Tattoo Alternatives In Singapore For A "Trial" Before The Needles

Temporary Tattoos in Singapore
Painless, non-permanent tattoo options in Singapore   Image adapted from (clockwise from top-left): @henn.drawn , Gumtoo , Tattoorary , Gumtoo Be it to commemorate a significant event, honour a person, or simply just decorate one's body, there are lots of reasons why people get tattoos. But one thing's a constant:...
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10 Neighborhood Nail Salons For Cheap Mani-Pedis In Singapore Without Crazy Waits

cheap nail salons in singapore
Cheap manicures at neighbourhood nail salons in Singapore   Image credit: Shugar Spa We all need a little pampering once in a while, and what better way to go about it than getting the princess treatment with a manicure. But with popular nail salons in town having their schedule packed...
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We Tried LUSH's V-Shaper Treatment And It's The "Damage Control" You Need After Your CNY Binges

LUSH Aesthetics V shaper treatment
Facial treatments at LUSH Aesthetics   As CNY season's festivities draw to a close, it’s time to get back to work - except signs of bloating or even a pale complexion may leave us feeling tired and desperate for an instant solution. Enter LUSH Aesthetic’s Medispa, a one-stop shop to...
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