8 New Party Games To Play During CNY Gatherings Without Needing Poker Cards

cny party games
Chinese New Year reunion games   During Chinese New Year, it’s standard practice to meet up with friends and extended relatives that we haven’t met in ages. Chit chat and small talk can be a painful process, so a little icebreakers always help to make way for easier and less...
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8 Gym Classes In Singapore With Clubbing Vibes So You Won't Feel Like You're Exercising

8 gym classes (1) - Glowstick workout cover
Gym classes in Singapore with club vibes   Image adapted from: Virgin Active Waking up hungover and hearing the ringing in your ears is not a good feeling. But the high from a wild night out sure is. Since raving all night works up quite a sweat, here’s an idea:...
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8 Seemingly Useless Items You Can Trade In For Money, Freebies, And Discounts In Singapore

Seemingly useless items (1) - Lush pots cover
Recycle and trade in used items at these stores in Singapore   Image adapted from: @essentiallyamylynn While Carousell is an automatic go-to for many when getting rid of clothes, cosmetics, and tech devices that are still perfectly functional, a lot of other items end up as trash. But while certain...
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5 Casual Sports Groups In Singapore That Welcome Noobs To Pick Up A New Hobby In 2018

Exercise communities and sports clubs to join for beginners
Sports communities in Singapore with coaching for beginners    Image adapted from: Gaelic Dragons The first week of 2018 has already come and gone, and it’s about time to get started on the whole “ new year, new me, let’s exercise more ” pact you made with yourself.  But if...
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5 Influencer-Level Picnic Setups For Hire In Singapore That Double Up As Photoshoot Backdrops

picnic setups singapore
Picnic catering companies in Singapore   Image adapted from (clockwise from top left): @picneeds,  @hocuspocusevents,  @beauteaq ,  @picneeds With the new year here, you’ve been thinking of reorganising your priorities - namely, your IG feed. After all, everyone’s been spouting the annual “new year, new me” incantation, and while this...
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8 Unique Dog-Friendly Activities In Singapore For Doggos Bored Of Neighborhood Walks & Cafe-Hopping

Pet cruise Singapore
Things to do with your dog in Singapore   Image credit: samforestloolim The usual visits to the dog cafe or staycations in a pet-friendly hotel are well-loved by your doggo , but hey, sometimes we hoomans are looking for something a little more exciting. Many wrongly assume that Singapore isn’t...
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New And Fun Things To Do In January 2018: Laneway Festival, Pokemon Run, And FREE Yoga

things to do january
Fun activities in Singapore in January 2018   Image adapted from: Singapore Art Week 2018 has finally dawned upon us. No matter how last year went, it’s time to start afresh. That means new resolutions, new perspectives, and new things to do. But if you haven’t found many activities to...
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PSA: 9 Best Lobangs In Singapore In January 2018 COMPILED

Jan deals - 1-for-1 ramen
New year new lobangs  Image adapted from: @haveyoumetliz If you’ve made any resolutions for 2018, “save money” is probably part of your list. Luckily for us, there are some wonderful promotions to help us do just that this month, even though January’s just begun. From fast food and buffets to...
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D'Underground - This New Bar/Club At Orchard Has Free Flow Booze With Games Like Beer Pong & Crocodile Dentist

d'underground bar and club
D’Underground Bar & Club   You may be craving a fun night out but don’t want to splurge at a super-expensive bar, especially if you haven’t received your year-end-bonuses. Thankfully, there is a way to have a great time without burning a hole in your pockets, and it’s hidden in...
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10 FREE Memberships In Singapore With Perks You've Been Missing Out On All This While

Free Memberships - Cover Image
Free memberships in Singapore    Since young, we’ve been taught that the only D that matters is discounts - which is where memberships come in. To appeal to our inner aunties, companies constantly tout their membership programmes, promising that you’ll unlock a Pandora’s box worth of deals and rewards by...
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