National Youth Film Awards Is Giving Away $75K Worth Of Prizes To SG's Next-Gen Filmmakers

National Youth Film Awards 2018 cover
National Youth Film Awards - win a trip to Hollywood   Images adapted from: Best Cameras For The Money , @maribarrosr Hollywood is a dream if you are an aspiring filmmaker, albeit a seemingly faraway one. But your dreams might just become reality, because the National Youth Film Awards 2018...
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Singapore International Festival Of Arts - 6 Events To Explore Interesting Spaces You Won't Usually Visit

sodade cirque rouage in Singapore
Singapore International Festival Of Arts 2018   The Singapore International Festival of Arts 2018 is back in town, with activities that’ll be letting you explore obscure locations that are not normally accessible to public, as well as low-key areas in SG you might have never thought of visiting.  Whether you...
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Ang Mo Kio Is Having An Arts Fest With A Carpark Carnival, Pop Up Playgrounds & Live Performances

Arts in Ang Mo Kio
Ang Mo Kio Arts Fest   We sure are enjoying the likes of art galleries like National Gallery Singapore, but there’s no need to venture far from home when we’re already surrounded by the arts. From now to 25 March 2018 , there’ll be a series of artsy events held...
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5 CNY Décor Shops In OneKM To Make A DIY Backdrop For Your #OOTDs

onekm - dog plushies
CNY shopping at OneKM Shopping Mall   With CNY around the corner, it’s going to be a mad rush to spring clean and decorate the house, with flowers, calligraphy scrolls and even Year of the Dog props to buy. There are few life hacks to avoid the sea of people...
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10 Best Vinyl Record Stores in Singapore For A Throwback To Before Spotify Was A Thing

Best vinyl record stores in Singapore   Image adapted from: @therealkaneian With Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube, we have a world of music quite literally at our fingertips. But for vinyl enthusiasts and aficionados of analog audio, there’s something more satisfying about the experience of buying an LP, slipping the...
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3 Reasons The M1 Peer Pleasure Theatre Festival Beats Watching Yet Another Movie

M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival Line-up
M1 Peer Pleasure - the best of Singapore’s youth art scene     Source: ArtsWok Collaborative Ah, theatre . Some of us budding thespians have got fond memories of budget drama club productions, while others still have trouble spelling Shakespeare (it’s a struggle - did I get it right?) ....
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6 Singaporean Short Films You Won't Believe Were Made Under 48 Hours

2014 Best Film: Ad Infinitum By Bouken Inc. cover image
Singaporean filmmakers' got talent   We may be a little red dot, but local filmmakers here have got loads of creativity. They've won awards internationally, and are increasingly getting recognised for their work. Short films, in particular, are getting more popular - they're easily conceptualised and executed, without requiring massive...
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10 Singapore-Based Tattoo Artists That Will Get You Ink-spired

Singaporean Tattooists The Smart Local
Coolest tattoo artists in Singapore   Fellow tattoo junkies, we’ve all been there; spending hours on Instagram’s Explore page, trying not to get some serious ink envy - all while wondering why the tattoo artist of our dreams is a really, really expensive plane ride away. Turns out, we’ve got...
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10 Facts About 1950s Singapore That Only Your Ah Ma Will Remember

1950s singapore
Singapore In The 50s   Articles about ‘ 90s kids ’ are far too many online. Today, we’re going to throw all the way back to a time when our grandparents were young -- the 50s. Shirtless children running around kampungs defined the spirit of the 50s. It was a...
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4 Reasons To Catch The Next Music@Empress - FOC Picnic-Style Concert In The CBD

free popcorn
Get groovin’ at Music@Empress   The thought of an empty calendar may oddly scare most of us Singaporeans, simply because we all secretly suffer from the fear of missing out a.k.a FOMO. If you’re looking for a way to break the monotony of your corporate 9-5 office gig, here’s one...
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