Candy Crush Saga Phenomenon

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Candy Crush Phenomenon


If you travel in public transport and you pay attention to what your fellow travelers are doing on their smart phones or tablets, you may have noticed many of them are playing a game called "Candy Crush".


Just the other day, I entered the MRT with my colleague. I told him to look to his left and then to his right. He was playing Candy Crush himself so he just took a cursory look and then he asked me what I wanted him to look at. I told him that the two persons besides him were also playing Candy Crush. Also, the other day, when I going down the escalator in the MRT station, I also noticed the lady in front of me was playing Candy Crush.


I just joined the game recently and since this game was linked on Facebook, I suddenly realised that many of my friends had also played Candy Crush and many of them had started playing a lot earlier than me and they were so many levels in front of me.


Just today, I read a news ( that a boy spent $4,300 on the game. In the same news, the reporter also approached 40 smart phone and Facebook users and all 40 were playing Candy Crush Saga.


So why is the game so addictive? Personally, I would say it is the competition. When you are playing the game, you would get to see which levels all your friends also playing the game are at. If you see someone ahead of you, you would want to play harder and try to overtake that person. Currently, during lunch, two of my other colleagues that were very much ahead of me in the game would discuss how many more levels they had cleared since the previous day lunch.


Another attractive part of the game is the variation. When you get to higher levels, you will experience more variations in your targets. Targets are what you needed to achieve to complete a level in the game. My friend in the higher level told me that her level needed her to clear a certain number for each type of candy. Another variation is the way candy drops. In the higher levels, you will have something like a portal. Candy will enter the portal and exit somewhere else so this makes you change the normal way of thinking that candy only drops vertically and increases the challenge.


Judging from the people still playing the game, I will think that the game will last at least a few more months. There will come a stage when everyone is stuck at some levels and want to give up playing the game or start paying to buy boosts to clear the levels. The developer will hope for the latter to happen but they must find a good balance or they will kill their own game.

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