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14 Mouth-Watering Cafes In Hong Kong That Will Make Your Vacation Food Baby #WorthIt

Cafehunt2k16: Hong Kong edition   The first time I set foot in Hong Kong, it was on a school trip where every destination and meal was planned out in excruciating detail. Of c...

12 Super Fun Indoor Activities For Singaporeans Who Are Allergic To The Hot Weather

Cool ways to beat the heat    Source If there’s one thing all Singaporeans complain about in unison, it’s the weather. Hot, humid and downright tak boleh tahan, you feel...

10 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Netflix Subscription

Goodbye social life, hello Netflix   Gone are the days of searching for movies and shows online only to be scammed by a series of pop-up ads and videos that buffer forever bu...

10 New Year Resolutions And How To Actually Keep Them In 2016

  Baby steps to changing your life    With the start of every new year, the stress is on for it to be better than the last. Our minds drift into reflection mode, pon...

FFFA Kitchen Gave 65,000 Free Meals To Singapore's Needy - They Now Need Your Help

All it takes to make a difference is $2   How would you spend $2? For many, $2 is barely enough to afford us a cup of Gong Cha or a bus ride home. But for the less fortunate, ...

Lush Aesthetics - Say Goodbye To Stubborn Fat In Just 50 Minutes

  Get the toned body you've always dreamed of   I have an ongoing love-hate relationship with food. On the one hand, devouring a heavenly plate of bacon-topped truffle m...

10 Yummeh Work Meals You Can Make To Escape The Lunchtime Madness

En Route To Housewife Material   Source Gone are the days where our meals came nicely packed in cute little cartoon lunch boxes, ready for us to swoop off the kitchen counter ...

10 Hotels in Hong Kong Under $200 To Save All Your Money For Dim Sum

  Exploring the land of dim sum on a budget      Source  Oh Hong Kong, you never fail to make us part with our money willingly for your delicious food and ...

10 Signs You've Become One Of Those Inseparable Best-Friend-Couples

When BFF and boyfriend become one   Many qualities distinguish a bro from one that's #boyfriendmaterial. And while having a boyfriend sometimes entitles you to special perks ...

10 Reasons Why Singapore's Public Transport #GameStrong

Our nations pride and joy    Considering how vast the network of our public transport is today, it’s hard to imagine that just 25 years ago, the MRT only operated a singl...