14 Budget-Friendly Things To Do In Athens So Affordable, You'll Forget You're In Europe

affordable greece athens
Affordable things to do in Athens, Greece   We all know Greece as a romantic destination fit for a honeymoon, but beyond the blue and white facades of Santorini is Athens, a jaw-droppingly beautiful city filled with warm locals, stunning ancient architecture, and some sweet nature spots you won’t want...
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5 Cheap Foundation Applicators That Are Legit Alternatives To Beauty Blenders

cheap foundation applicators
Cheap foundation applicators in Singapore   Image credit (clockwise): The Smart Local,  Belle-amie ,  ezbuy ,  The Singular Olivia For most of us who aren’t blessed with flawless skin, we’re thankful for the liquid miracle we’ve come to know as foundation. But with great invention, comes the tricky task of...
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5 Overnight Sleeper Train Trips In Asia For Gorgeous Sights Every Time You Wake

Sleeper rail trip from Tokyo to Osaka
Overnight sleeper trains in Asia     Image adapted from: Wikimedia Commons  and  Osaka Station For most of us, the default form of transport to countries that aren’t Malaysia is by plane. And while you can take a train to London from Singapore, there are shorter rail trips around Asia...
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This Bao Ga Liao Salted Egg Yolk Map Is Your GPS To Less Common Creations You Have To Try

Salted Egg Yolk Dishes in Singapore   While trends like baked cheese tarts and Roti Boy have come and gone, salted egg yolk is one flavour that seems to get stronger with time. Google Map has helped us in our salted egg search one too many a time, but keeping...
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This School Helps Young Working Adults Break Into The IT Industry With Specialised Courses

informatics academy national library view
Fast-track IT diplomas and degrees     Big tech giants such as Google and Facebook are known for having the coolest offices and highest salaries, so it’s no wonder people are flocking to the booming IT industry.  And even if you majored in biology, it’s never too late to make...
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9 Less Explored Snorkelling Sites In Asia Unlike Anything You've Seen In Bali Or Phuket

lesser known snorkel spots asia pulau kakaban
Best places to snorkel at in Asia   Image Credit: Reservasi Blog As city-dwellers constantly staying on the grind, a beach getaway can be a much-needed rest from the monotony of a 9-6 job. Snorkelling is one of the more popular beach activities, but even if you’re a seasoned snorkeler,...
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7 Retail/F&B Jobs To Get At Malls Near You In The Comfort Of Air-Con

fastjobs mall cover
Shopping centre jobs   For many Singaporeans, getting a job is an initiation into adulthood - it signals that we’re somewhat responsible for our financial security. And while getting a job is both exhilarating and a learning experience, finding one that lets you get away from Singapore’s heat can be...
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20 NEW Cafes And Restaurants In July 2017 - Poke Lulu, Be Frank, And Hitoyoshi Ramen

Raclette cheese hotdog Be Frank
Newest eateries in Singapore to visit in July   Adapted from source: @cforcassan Whether you’re out with your squad, bae, or family, the common, unanswerable question that arises is always centred around where you should eat - because there are only so many times you can revisit the same restaurants....
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12 Kitchen Gadgets For Annoying Cooking Steps & Where To Find Them In SG

Egg Mcmuffin maker
Kitchen tools that do everything for you   Adapted from Source Singaporeans love food - we’re prepared to queue for hours just to try the newest gastronomical creations, and it’s no surprise that a lot of us bring this passion with us into our own kitchens. To save yourself the...
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10 Free & Discounted Sentosa Activities To Have A Fun Time "Overseas" On A Budget

megaclimb cover
Fun things to do in June at Sentosa   The June holidays are here, and that means maximising what little time we have away from studying for the most fun. While the Internet has its perks, staring at adventure articles on a laptop isn’t going to satiate that thirst for...
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