Sometimes I think our human existence is futile, but then I eat a really good steak and things start looking up.

12 Hidden Wholesalers In Singapore For CNY Supplies Minus The Festive Mark-Ups

Caltex - sashimi cover
Wholesale retailers in Singapore   Image adapted from: Fassler Gourmet Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and everyone’s bustling around preparing for it. Whether it’s spring cleaning, hongbao -stuffing, or stocking up your fridge, it’s a pretty busy time. CNY means that you’ll probably have an entire village...
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honestbee Now Does Your Laundry And Delivers Your Groceries At The Same Time

Speedy laundry services at a touch of a button   Image credit: The holidays are coming, and you’ve probably got a whole host of events lined up from cosy get-togethers to fancy dinner parties. However, the festive season also comes with a pretty long to-do list. With all the...
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10 Money Saving Tips To Spend Less In Singapore And Save Up For Your HDB ASAP

Singaporean money-saving tips   Money is an essential part of our lives - and saving money should always be on everyone’s minds. For most young Singaporeans, there seems to be so much we need to save for - our HDB, our wedding, our future.  As we plan our entire lives...
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12 Shiok Food Deals To Celebrate SG's Birthday Month - 52% Discounts, $5.20 Mains, 1-For-1 Drinks

sg52 national day food deals
Food promos to enjoy this August   Image adapted from: @judjud_munch_diary_ We aren’t getting any long weekend out of National Day this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in style with good food - and good deals. Now that Singapore is 52, there’re lots of places with promos...
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Grab's New Premium Rates Let You Ride In A Mercedes-Benz From $7.50

grab premium bmw
GrabCar Premium - Riding in Style   For many of us, it's second nature to swipe open the Grab app to get ourselves a ride to our preferred destination. And if you're a regular Grab rider like me, you'll almost always expect your driver to roll up in a Toyota...
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10 No-Child Restaurants In Singapore For People Who Want Quiet Dinners

PS Cafe Ann Siang Hill No Children Restaurants
Dining in peace   Source Children are a delight - they’re the future of our world bundled in little packages, and I’ve got a soft spot for them. However, they’re also prone to crying loudly, squirming in their seats, and shouting for attention. It can be difficult to enjoy your...
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10 Courses Millennials Should Go For During Work Hours To Increase Their Skills

Time to upgrade your skills   In Mandarin, there’s a saying which translates to “ study for as long as you live ”. Learning is an ongoing process - you’re never really done even after graduating and entering the workforce. Be it going for courses to upgrade your skills or...
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6 Skin Confident Tips We Learnt From The Cetaphil Experience

cetaphil girl happy
Skincare 101 with Cetaphil   Shopping for skincare products can be a bewildering experience. Does having shea butter in my lotion really make a difference? Why does this tiny jar of face cream cost $70? And do I really need six different jars and tubes of stuff for my face? ...
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10 Things You Must Not Miss At Ngee Ann Poly's Open House

Ngee Ann Poly Open House CCA
Get that something Xtra!   Source: @charlottelowqh Open House season is upon us, and you’re probably at a loss as to which schools you should be visiting. All the JCs and polys are rolling out the red carpet to welcome prospective students, and it can be a little overwhelming. Plus,...
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There's A Food Festival Now At GainCity's Giant 11-Storey Electric Mall

Feasting and Shopping Galore     When you hear the name ‘Gain City ’, what comes to mind? Chances are, you’ll probably think of air-conditioning and other household appliances. It’s a familiar name in Singapore, but we don’t give it much thought. Well, here comes a revolution. From now till...
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