6 Things Your Mum Got Right About Your Beauty Woes But You're Still In Denial About

mum beauty advice
Beauty tips by Mum   It’s hard to imagine our mums as sweet young things that have an intimate knowledge of the beauty hacks of their day. Which is why we “switch-off” the moment they try to tell us what to do about our skin, hair, or anything to do...
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10 Super "Extra" Inventions Singaporeans Never Knew They Needed In Their Lives Until Now

durian opener
Inventions to upgrade your life   Growing up as Singaporeans, most of what we do is driven by practicality and purpose. We ain’t got time for “ extra ” things we think are unnecessary or absurd (read: reindeer noses/antlers stuck onto cars every December to Mozzie Clapping at NDP ‘17)....
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5 Things "They All" Say About Paracetamol That Singaporeans Grew Up Believing

paracetamol myths debunked
Paracetamol myths debunked     Whether it's a work-induced migraine or a toothache from binging on too much dessert, we've all turned to paracetamol to alleviate our pains more than once in our lives. But we are also well aware of the potential 'side effects' of taking too much of...
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7 Types Of Grief Graduates In 2017 Are Feeling Right Now

work paradox social life sleep
Graduation grief is real   You’ve done the necessary time and soon, you’ll be released from the “prescribed prison” that is formal education. The only motivation getting you through to the finals is your grad trip - backpacking through Europe to sipping cocktails on the beaches of Bali . The...
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This Is How You Live Out Your Dreams of Being a Designer AND Win A Free Trip to Milan

Win A Trip to Milan
Unleash your inner designer at D’Star Design Awards 2017   Source “High Expectations Asian Father” memes might be funny, but odds are your traditional parents are the meme in the flesh, prodding you, their promising offspring, to pursue medicine, law or engineering. If you’re pretty sure they’ll be triggered by...
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What POKKA Did Differently To Dominate The Tea Drink Market

Behind the scenes at the POKKA factory   Whether you’re at a hawker centre drink store or standing by the 7-11 fridges to kope free aircon, it’s impossible to miss POKKA’s drinks . From teas in every imaginable fruit flavor, good ol’ Kickapoo to the milk coffee branded with the...
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8 Deals You Need To Know To Survive AND Thrive Till Next Month's Paycheck

Kimage Hairdressing School
Singapore’s Best Deals Revealed      You’ve probably heard the good news by now - the government’s giving out a $200 GST U-Save voucher to eligible Singaporeans as part of Budget 2017! And none of us can say no to free credit in the mail. Ker-ching ! Now that you’ve...
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10 Reasons Athens Is THE Honeymoon Location That Just Got Affordable In 2017

Go Greek for Cheap     Source You’ve coughed out the down payment for your BTO, and spent a bomb securing the wedding venue, photographers, band, dress, invitations… the list goes on. But this doesn’t mean you have to settle on the nearby Bali or Phi Phi Island for your...
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12 Intern-Friendly Meals Under $5 In Singapore's CBD That Aren't Found In Hawker Centres

CBD Lunches for cheap   From fancy cafes to no-frills hawker centres, there are thousands of food joints in the CBD. And even if you were to have something different every day of your working life, the inexhaustible list of places is bound to last you till retirement!  Food options...
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5 Simple Ways to 'Zhng' Your Bathroom to Boutique Hotel Standards

hansgrohe rain shower buttons
Bathroom #goals   The one thing you look forward to at staycations besides the breakfast buffets and movies on demand on the 42” plasma are the luxurious bathrooms. Stocked with plush towels, free-flow toiletries and if your hotel’s atas enough, a relaxing rain shower! And there’s a way you can...
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