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19 Things To Do In Hiroshima: Rabbit Island, Michelin-Awarded Okonomiyaki, And Island Hopping Via Bicycle

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Things to do in Hiroshima     Tokyo , Osaka , Kyoto and Nara are the 4 "biggest name" Japanese cities Singaporeans associate with Japan, and it's virtually every week that you'll see someone on your IG stories humblebrag about being in Japan.  Instead of travelling down a well-trodden path,...
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8 Tips To Manage Your First Credit Card Well Even Experienced Cardholders Might Not Know

credit card tips
Credit card tips   Air miles, discounts, and priority ticket sales to events like music festivals and pop concerts are benefits a credit card holder may enjoy. However, as useful as credit cards may be, you may also inadvertently chalk up debt if you’re not careful with your spending. So...
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5 Things You Didn't Know About Singapore’s Only Landfill & Pulau Semakau

Semakau Landfill
About Pulau Semakau   With the world’s third highest population density of almost 8,000 people per square kilometre, there's barely enough space on our tiny island to hold all our trash. And while we don't usually think about it, our trash needs to go somewhere. Singapore’s first man-made offshore landfill,...
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13 Budget Things To Do In Osaka After Squandering All Your Yen In Tokyo

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Conquering Osaka on a budget   Here's the one lifehack any budget traveller needs to know before visiting Osaka: there's a concession pass that gets you almost unlimited travel across their entire subway network, and free entry to 30 of Osaka's most iconic attractions. It's perfect for Singaporean budget travellers,...
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Silver Ball Planet, Osaka - Asia's Largest Collection Of Vintage Pinball Machines

silver ball planet osaka pinball
Silver Ball Planet in Osaka     Google "Osaka" and you'll find one recurring theme through all the posts you'll find: it's a transit town that tourists go to as a gateway to the more popular Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe. What many of those posts neglect to mention is that...
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i Light Marina Bay Has Loads Of IG-Worthy Backdrops And Opens On 3 March 2017

i Light Marina Bay is open   With the close of Singapore Biennale 2016 , hipsters photography enthusiasts everywhere in Singapore have been looking for the next great IG hotspot to open up. Come 3 March, their wishes will be answered. If i Light Marina Bay rings a bell, you...
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Universal Studios Japan + Harry Potter World Guide - Cheap Tickets, Best Rides & Attractions In Osaka

harry potter theme park osaka japan
Universal Studios Japan Osaka & Harry Potter World   Confession: I've been to Osaka twice in the past year, once for a holiday and a second time - this trip - specifically to visit Universal Studios Japan . Most Singaporeans would have only been to Universal Studios Singapore (USS), but...
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30 Caterers In Singapore For Every Occasion - Birthdays, Meetings & Baby Showers

Catering at your fingertips      What’s the difference between a good party and a great party or event? The food. Unfortunately, finding a caterer that matches the occasion and the budget can be a momentous task… or at least, it used to be. Thankfully, CaterSpot has arrived on our...
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Why Singlish Is The Most Efficient Language In The World - TSL Comedy: Episode 28

Speak Good Singlish Movement No matter what the gahmen does to make us Speak Good English , we know deep down in our hearts that Singlish is the best language in the world. It helps us say as little as possible but still gets our message across, and honestly, most...
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Dinner In The Sky - Eat 50 Meters In The Air With The City Watching Below You

About Dinner in the Sky   It's not very often we can say we cheated death on a regular day at work, but when you're working at TSL, there's no such thing as a regular day at work. When my editor mentioned that my latest event would include having dinner...
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