Get Return Flights From $580 To Australia And NZ When You Book By 6 Nov 2017

Singapore Airline trips to Australia and New Zealand   Image credit:  @inespei We’ve just entered the last quarter of 2017, and it’s that time of the year again - where everyone’s seeking out travel lobangs to use up their annual leave on. If you’re still undecided on which destination to...
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Yishun Park Hawker Centre - Timbre's New Kopitiam With Erdinger On Tap And A Simpsons Pinball Machine

Yishun Park Hawker Centre ramen
Yishun Park Hawker Centre by Timbre Group   If drift-karting and cosmic bowling aren’t enough to lure you to the crazy lil’ town of Yishun, perhaps food is.   Newly opened on 20th September,  Yishun Park Hawker Centre is named for its proximity to Yishun Park right opposite. This modern...
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Singtel's New Unlimited Data Add-On Is Made For People Who Burst Their Data Limit Every Month

Singtel DATA X INFINITY unlimited data add-on
Singtel’s DATA X INFINITY unlimited data plan   As humans of the 21st Century, we’re pretty much one with our smartphones. But we’ve all had moments where a cafe’s weak WiFi causes our data to take over while we’re spamming IG Stories - or when we were too engrossed in...
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13 Pure And Wholesome Things To Do In Yishun

Drift Karting Arena ORTO Yishun
Things to do in Yishun      Image adapted from: @maximumdriftsg “Walou, must be in Yishun again,” seems to be the auto-response towards news of any grisly events in Singapore these days. Accuracy: >50% Once a sleepy neighbourhood, Yishun is now twice as happening as any other township in Singapore,...
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Changi Airport Terminal 4 Is So High-Tech, It's Game-Changing For Travellers Who Hate Queuing

Changi Airport Terminal 4 automated baggage check-in
A sneak peek into Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4     Other than our Garden City status, and ban on gum imports - if there’s one thing our little red dot is known for, it’s the fact that we’ve got the best airport in the world. It isn’t hard to...
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This Space-Themed Capsule Hostel Exists In Singapore With Pods From Just $40/Night

MET A Space Pod - a futuristic capsule hostel in Singapore   Originally a form of affordable, basic accommodation catered to Japanese businessmen who were unable (or perhaps too drunk) to catch the last train home, capsule hostels are now a big hit amongst backpackers and lone travellers. For the...
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We Found Asia's Largest Mirror Maze At Science Centre Singapore

The Mind's Eye Science Centre mirror maze
The Mind’s Eye: An Exhibition on Illusions and Human Perception   A mention of Science might conjure a caricature of a crazed geek mixing chemicals in a lab, or someone tinkering with bits and bobs to create a newfangled invention. But truth is, Science is all around us in ways...
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This Australian Uni Lets SG-Based Students Spend 8 Months Abroad And Pay In SGD

james cook university singapore
Experience overseas uni life at James Cook University   Source Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience - aside from experiencing how classes are conducted in a different education system, you’ll also gain the invaluable chance of making friends from different cultures, and exploring new places you otherwise never would. Cue...
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Thai Festival 2017 - Non-Gimmicky Pop-Up Market Open At Orchard Till Sunday

Thai Pasar Malam
Have a complete Thai experience at Thai Festival 2017   Underneath the alluring facade of mermaid drink spam on Instagram, it’s no secret: Artbox Singapore left a good number of patrons disgruntled - and even the Nashville filter can’t hide that. So the original Artbox in BKK still trumps. But...
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12 Things Every Cheapo Singaporean Does But Will Never Admit

Kope hotel toiletries when you're on a trip
Money-saving tricks that cheapo Singaporeans use   “Free then take lor, cheap then buy lor” is a common philosophy among Singaporeans. As much as we’d like to think that being cheapo is a trait exclusive to kiasu aunties, deep down, there’s a cheapo in all of us. Case in point:...
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