I like chicken nuggets, cheap air tickets, and long walks to the kopitiam. 

8 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories In Singapore - Phantom MRT Stations, Secret Tunnels & Alien Sightings

singapore conspiracy
Weird conspiracies in Singapore   Conspiracy theories. Some thrive on 'em, some are skeptics. But they go beyond the possibility of Beyonce being the Illuminati kween , and the government being run by a horde of lizard people - and Singapore isn't spared either.  From our stray cats being spies...
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Las Lilas Spanish School Is SkillsFuture-Claimable For You To Improve Your Vocabulary Beyond "Despacito"

Las Lilas Spanish School Students
Las Lilas Spanish school   Despacito. The anthem of 2017, and also all the Spanish I know. That, and this song - both of which provided zilch help when I found myself holidaying in Spain. But in the spirit of the new year and forming resolutions that don’t involve any...
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10 Tips For Singaporean Students On Exchange - From Uni Kids Who've Been There, Done That

Singapore Uni Exchange Hacks
Uni Exchange Hacks   During my three year stint in university, getting the chance to live abroad was undoubtedly the best part of it all. But a student exchange programme is more than just joining societies and becoming the social butterfly you’re destined to be - because really, what do...
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8 Party Supplies In Singapore You Can Order Without Stepping Out Of Your House

Party Supplies Collage
Planning the perfect party   Image Credit: 99%SME Everyone’s always up for a party with the whole jingbang, but planning one isn’t always easy. From picking the right decor to keeping tummies happy with a delish spread, it’s more work than just coming up with a guest list. Luckily for...
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A Farmers' Market At Raffles City Is Being Held By Local Growers From The Ends Of Singapore

Local vendors at raffles city farmers' market
Weekend farmers’ market at Raffles City   Image Credits: Uncle G’s Handmade , Crack , Kerbside Gourmet Growing up, I've become familiar with grocery runs to the nearest supermarkets, walking along their pristine aisles and ogling at perfectly arranged rows of food. Needless to say, one wouldn't necessarily imagine a...
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Only 1 In 10 People We Know Are Cyber Elites. Are You One Of Them?

ICM 2025 Quiz Score
Gearing up for the future with Infocomm   It’s the year 2020. As you’re scuttling to work, a man stops you in your tracks. “All the jobs are gone” he groans. All the jobs are... gone ? As you brush aside your little nightmare, you realise that this isn’t a...
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DBS Has An FOC Financial Planning Service If Your Only Game Plan Is Saving In A 2nd Account

NAC - Your Financial GPS Cover Image, The Smart Local
Free Financial Planning For Young Adults   Adulting can get pretty tough. Starting from the great job hunt to carefully planning for the future, the responsibilities are seemingly endless. But having to get your life together isn't as daunting as you think - at least with the help of DBS's...
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3 Reasons The M1 Peer Pleasure Theatre Festival Beats Watching Yet Another Movie

M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival Line-up
M1 Peer Pleasure - the best of Singapore’s youth art scene     Source: ArtsWok Collaborative Ah, theatre . Some of us budding thespians have got fond memories of budget drama club productions, while others still have trouble spelling Shakespeare (it’s a struggle - did I get it right?) ....
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Koh Kood Island Is Thailand's Unspoilt Paradise 5 Hours From BKK

Koh Kood is an island paradise in Thailand
Koh Kood, an untouched island paradise In Thailand   Source: @iamnookies We’re no strangers to island hopping in Krabi and partying it up in Phuket - but turns out, Thailand’s been keeping another slice of paradise under wraps: Koh Kood . Located just 5 hours from Bangkok , this island...
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6 Hari Raya Visiting Tips To Make Yourself Worthy Of The Incoming Green Packets

Hari Raya Tips and Customs
Hari Raya Etiquette   Hari Raya is just around the corner, and some of us might have been invited over to our friends' homes to join in the festivities. But for those of us who aren’t too familiar with the customs behind this joyous occasion might be feeling rather clueless...
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