12 Insider Things To Do In Taipei I Discovered After Living As A Local For 5 Months

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Cheap things to do in Taipei      My first trip around Taiwan can be summed up like this: a rushed 10D9N tour, in which half my time was spent in a coach with chatty aunties ruining my sleep, and having only 1-2 hours at each pit stop. In essence,...
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CNY 2017 - Zodiac Predictions, Lucky Colors & Numbers To Huat From Chu Yi To December

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2017 in 100 words   All illustrations in this article courtesy of Ra Krishnan . Christmas might have just been a month ago, but you know Singaporeans have NO CHILL when “Guji Guji’ started playing 1 week in January 2017. Before you know it, you get dragged to Takashimaya to...
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10 Fancy HDB Estate Upgrades In Singapore You've Missed Over The Past Decade

Innovations in HDB Estates    I’ve lived in an HDB flat all my life and there are so many experiences that I'll always keep close to my heart - like dragging yourself off the sofa to play badminton with neighbours when they come running to your house on a Sunday,...
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5 TCM Gifts To "Por" Your Elders With This CNY For An XXL Angpao

Gifts your elders will be thankful for    While it’s easy for us millennials to be satisfied with fancy new gadgets, getting our elders a gift they’ll truly appreciate is a lot trickier than that. If it’s not a gift they find practical, chances are, they’ll chuck it in a...
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12 Best-Paying Jobs In Singapore In 2017 Now That You're Ready To Zao With Your Bonus

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Best paying jobs you need to know   Source  The last time I checked, I was a freshman all excited about starting the first chapter of my #roadtoperfectGPA life. Somewhere 2 years into the academic paper chase, many of us feel like we've been hit in the face by truckloads...
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Jalan Kayu Is Now A New Food Enclave With Restaurants In Colonial Bungalows

Dining in a colonial house    Jalan Kayu might be known for its stretch of prata joints, but there’s more in the area dedicated to a British guy named C.E. Wood but is better known as a term used to address football referees.  Previously part of Seletar Airbase, large swathes...
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9 Best Places To Visit During The Feb+Mar 2017 Public Holiday Dry Spell

Strategic long weekend getaways   Adapted from source:  @lifeisajourneypty We hate to break it to you but YUP, there really are no public holidays or long weekends next February or March . That's 74 days - or 53 working days - in a row without a proper break! But no...
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5 Christmas Meal Lobangs In Singapore To Not Eat Grass In January 2017

Christmas Meal Deals     The last time I checked, I was struggling to keep up with my CNY fitness goals. But in a blink of an eye, Orchard Road’s decked with dazzling Christmas lights, restaurants are rolling out their Christmas roast menus, Christmas carols are everywhere... and my wallet...
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9 Reasons To Have Your Next Staycay At A Hotel's Serviced Apartment

The 5-star dream staycay   We can't always afford a ticket to far-flung corners of the world, or to dedicate a chunk of our leave to a holiday extravaganza. Sometimes, all it takes is a change of environment - in the form of a staycation with the love of your...
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10 Practical Christmas Gifts From Guardian That Won't End Up Getting Regifted

Useful gifts for any occasion at Guardian   Christmas is almost here and the gift-hunting frenzy is getting intense. While searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones, you’re also constantly looking out for handy stocking fillers to complete your Christmas tree.  Drop your gift-shopping anxieties because Guardian has...
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