My Money @ Campus - A Series Of Carnivals That Gets You Financially-Savvy With Free Food And Games

My Money @ Campus - free games and food at polytechnics
My Money @ Campus 2018   You might be busy juggling school assignments and projects, but spare a thought for your personal finances. My Money @ Campus is launching a series of carnivals with game booths and food stalls that’ll teach you everything you need to know about the basics...
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DBS Marina Regatta 2018 Has A 'Ninja Warrior' Obstacle Course, Creators Market & Fitness Classes

DBS Marina Regatta 2018
Things to do at DBS Marina Regatta 2018   Image adapted from: DBS Marina Regatta This year’s DBS Marina Regatta will include exhilarating dragon boating races, as well as plenty of other fun activities for everyone to take part in. Think Ninja Warrior-style obstacle courses to test your strength and...
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8 Budget Europe Trip Hacks For Inexperienced Singaporeans Planning Their First Visit

Budget travelling tips for Europe
Budget travelling tips for Europe   Image adapted from: @laura_must_travel With cobblestone alleys and postcard pretty views, everyone should make a trip around Europe at least once. And students, if you’ve been wanting to go but studies got in the way, start planning for a full-blown grad trip to soak...
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The Garden Residences Is A New Condo Minutes Away From Chomp Chomp

The Garden Residences - close to chomp chomp
The Garden Residences at Serangoon Gardens    Image adapted from: The Garden Residences and @rocky_sam382 If you’re looking for a home to call your own, it’s savvy to pick a spanking new one that’s near plenty of food options. And new condo The Garden Residences is at the top of...
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Smartclean Is An Award-Winning Portable Invention That Cleans Spectacles With Vibrations

Smartclean Vision.5 - spectacles cleaner
Smartclean Vision.5 - spectacles cleaner   Image adapted from: Smartclean Vision.5 Those of us who weren’t blessed with 20/20 eyesight know how frustrating it is to keep our glasses in tip-top shape. Scratches, scuff marks, and smudges - they all appear out of nowhere. If you’re easily annoyed by a...
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YOOX: Luxe Fashion Store Offering 15% Off & Free Shipping to SG in May

YOOX - Melissa Jelly Shoes
Online shopping in Singapore - clothes, bags & shoes   Image adapted from: Melissa No matter how tempting the window displays of designers like Valentino and Alexander Wang look, there’s no need to longingly eye their designs when you can do all your necessary browsing online - at competitive prices...
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New Cafes And Restaurants In May 2018 - XL Unagi Don, Korean Pretzels, & $6.90 Japanese Set Meals

Unagi don at Unagiya Ichinoji
New eateries in Singapore to try in May 2018   Image adapted from:  @mitsueki Plenty of new food joints have opened recently this May so there’s no doubt that you’ll be happily chowing down everything from affordable Taiwanese dishes to unique brunch fare. If you’re up for trying an XL...
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5 Old School Makan Places For Mother's Day That Will Surprise Her With A #ThrowBack

Enjoying breakfast at CMC Confectionery
Singapore’s oldest restaurants   High tea sets or brunch sessions are always solid choices - your mum certainly wouldn’t mind either. But this Mother’s Day, treat her to a meal that’s sure to bring back memories. Whether it’s the retro floor tiles or the spread of traditional dishes, here are...
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8 Practical Mother's Day Gifts If Your Singaporean Mum Doesn't Like Flowers

Tracker to find keys
Useful Mother’s Day gifts   We might be full-blown adults but don’t forget the one woman who’s been there every step of the way. From changing your diapers to applauding at your graduation, your mother’s seen it all. Now you’re living the adulting life, get her a Mother’s Day gift...
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Why Invisalign Treatment Fixes Teeth Better And Steps To Choosing An Orthodontist In Singapore

Dr Catherine Lee Orthodontics
Invisalign treatment in Singapore   Singaporeans have been taught the importance of dental hygiene since we were in primary school, but there are some imperfections we're born with that even the strictest of dental regiments will never fix. If you're reading this, there's a high chance this applies to you....
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