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19 Types Of People You’ll Meet On A Night Out In Zouk

Types of Singaporeans in Zouk   Source Zouk is the modern playground for frivolous twenty-somethings with money to spend and drinks to be drunk. A National Geographic Documen...

9 Double Identity Food Places To Chill With Your Squad

Wave goodbye to boring afternoons   Source We’ve all been there. It’s a Sunday afternoon, you’ve got nothing to do, and your stomach is rumbling. Sure you could head to you...

Shopee Is Running A Crazy Flash Sale Today & We Have Insider Info Of What To Camp For

Shopee's Flash Sale Has Returned    New Year's sales are long gone, Black Friday is a distant memory and you somehow missed all the leap day sales in February. What next...

11 Best Sports Bars In Singapore To Hit Up Over The FA Cup Weekend

Sports bars in Singapore   Source It’s the moment every football fan dreads. Your favourite team is playing, you’re desperate to watch, and you can’t find a single bar showing...

5 Reasons To Chope A Spot At This FREE European Travel Event Before Tickets Run Out

Prepare yourself for a brand new adventure There’s a pretty solid chance that at least once in your life, you’ve had serious wanderlust for Europe. And it’s no wonder! From its Me...

The Secret To How McCafé Coffee Makes One Of Singapore's Most Affordable Latte ($3.20)

The Secret Behind McCafé Coffee The strong aroma of coffee beans, the whirring sound of the espresso machine, there’s simply no replacement for the buzz of a coffee shop early on ...

21 NEW Restaurants and Cafes to Try in May 2016

Makan Madness in May     4 months down, 8 to go! We’re rapidly approaching the middle of the year, and we all know what that means, SUMMER! Frankly, April seemed to last ...

12 Times Politics Perfectly Summed Up Australia

Even More Reasons To Love The Land Down Under Source Australia having 5 Prime Ministers in the past 5 years may seem nuts to us, but brace yourself,  that’s only the tip of ...

10 Reasons Why Tianjin Should Be The First Stop To Discover The New China

The Gateway To The New China   Until very recently, I knew embarrassingly little about China. Being from the UK, I had never heard of Tianjin before, and assumed that Beijing...

8 Beautiful Colonial Houses In Singapore You Can Now Enjoy A Weekend Brunch In

Bring The Past To Life    Being British myself, I have a soft spot for the remaining colonial houses dotted around Singapore. Knowing that there are things from home wh...