Singapore's Only Vintage Camera Museum Has Over 1,000 Pieces, Some Which You Can Pick Up And Play With

Vintage Camera Museum Singapore
Vintage Camera Museum in Singapore   Bottom-left image adapted from: @endra_harris When someone says camera, we usually think of smartphones and DSLRs. But at the Vintage Camera Museum , you’ll get to experience photography old-school, because it’s Singapore’s first and only museum dedicated entirely to antique photography. The building itself...
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9 Fun Facts About The Singapore Dollar That Will Make You Feel Like A Noob

singapore money facts
Singapore dollar secrets   Image adapted from: Picclick  It’s no secret that we Singaporeans are cheapo   financially-savvy folk . But while we handle money almost on a daily basis, there are still a ton of things we haven’t noticed about our own cash.  Whether it’s paper or polymer, coins...
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8 Alternative Jobs In Singapore Only Science, Tech, Engineering & Math Grads Get To Experience

special jobs singapore
Alternative STEM Jobs   Getting a job is the first step towards ascension to adulthood, but it’s easier said than done. You’re browsing the job market, and none of the career options out there looks interesting enough to ritually sacrifice the next few decades of your life. Well, if you’ve...
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6 Messaging App Hidden Features For Level 99 Texting - WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE hacks

messaging app hacks
WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE Hacks   WhatsApp, Telegram , and LINE are some of Singaporeans' favourite messaging apps, but most of us are only casual users, and aren't using them to their fullest capabilities. Whether it’s playing real-time games or turning your friends into GIFs, here are some hidden hacks...
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7 Places Tucked Away In Chinatown That Are Off The Tourist Track

chinatown singapore
Interesting spots in Chinatown   Our city is known for its modern vibes. But amidst all the towering skyscrapers and futuristic architecture is Chinatown - one of the conserved historic districts of Singapore. Here, you can still find traditional shophouses, as well as Hindu temples, mosques and Chinese temples right...
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15 Singapore Internships At Successful Start-Ups In With Beautiful Offices

start up internships
Internships at cool start-ups in Singapore   Sleeping bunks, pantry snacks and office cats - these days, offices are starting to look less like workplaces and more like staycation #goals. And we’re not just talking about fancy tech firms like Facebook and Google , because our very own local startups...
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The Birdmen Of Kebun Baru - Singapore's Surviving Kampong Culture That Instagram Posts Will Never Capture

kebun baru birdsinging club
Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club   These days, tweeting means less “bird sounds” and more “280 character word limit”. That is, unless you’re part of the Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club . For those who haven’t heard of it, a quick search on Google or Instagram will yield scenic shots of the...
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6 Blind Spots That Will Sabotage Your #Fitspo Healthy Eating Efforts To Zero

healthy eating traps
Healthy eating tips   The #fitspo struggle is real. Giving up your favourite foods, counting calories and even - gasp - exercising. But even worse than the struggle is the realization that all your efforts were for naught.  Whether it’s chewing on the wrong type of salad or going on...
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9 Things About Engaging Property Agents Only Singaporeans Who’ve Done Their Homework Will Know

property agent singapore
Property market hacks for Singaporeans   So, you’re thinking of purchasing a resale flat. Or perhaps you’re thinking of selling your current crib for an upgrade. But you have no clue about the procedures, and are considering getting a property agent to do the legwork for you. Engaging a property...
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Top 10 University Scholarships In Singapore For Prospective Students In 2018

NUS scholarship
University scholarships Singaporeans can apply for   Scoring a scholarship is like getting a free upgrade to first class. You get your tuition paid for free, and enjoy plenty of bonuses along the way too - like laptop upgrades, internship opportunities and even free vacations. But getting one is easier...
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