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10 Epic Unsolved Crimes In Singapore's History From As Early As 1972 Fit For A CSI Remake

Unsolved Crimes - Cover Image
True Singapore crime stories      Image adapted from: Lose Weight and Gain Health Despite her young age, Singapore has had her fair share of unsolved crimes from bone-chilling murders to vanishing acts. Black marks on our little red dot, these real-life whodunits have baffled Singaporeans as no one knows...
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The Ultimate Crab Buffet at PARKROYAL on Beach Road IS BACK - We have 10 vouchers to giveaway!

Plaza Brasserie and the Ultimate Crab Buffet   If you l ike Bah Ku Teh, you will LOVE this C rab Ku Teh - one of the 14 crabs  available  here. We Singaporeans love our food. And our crabs.  And unlimited servings of them! So when the king of all...
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Trick Eye Museum - An inside look at Singapore's latest attraction


About the Trick Eye Museum   My friends have been raving about the Trick Eye Museum in Korea for the longest time, so I was so hyped when the museum finally opened its first overseas outlet at Resorts World Sentosa yesterday.  Like an overly-excited kid on Christmas morning, I dragged...
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Olivia Ong launches Strepsils "The Right Note" - Here's our Interview with the Ambassador

Olivia Ong at The Right Note Campaign this World Voice Day   Famous local songbird Olivia Ong thinks that having a healthy voice is extremely important but often neglected, especially for singers who depend on their voices for a living: "As a singer, one of the scariest things that can...
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Mouth Restaurant - Legendary Liu Sha Baos discovered in Singapore!

About Mouth Restaurant    We weren't expecting much when we visited Mouth Restaurant. In fact, we were more curious to check out one of the Amex 30licious $30 Deals that were going on - Mouth Restaurant was one of their participating outlets. Mouth Restaurants always seemed a bit too "...
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Republic Poly's Media Challenge ends on a high note

The Media Challenge 2014   The grand finale and challenge of the Media Challenge ended on a high note with great success at Republic Polytechnic on 5th April 2014. Team Next Door from Raffles Girls' School clinched the top place with much effort and fervour. Verbal Anatomy (Westwood Secondary School)...
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A look at Cedele’s offerings for Easter 2014

Cedele's Offerings for Easter 2014   Cedele started out as a single Singaporean bakery in 1997. Since then, it has become a destination for delicious, nutritious food with outlets across Singapore and Hong Kong. They  champion naturally healthy ingredients and time-honoured, artisan techniques. Cedele's principled approach means that they don't...
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Wheeler's Yard - Possibly The Best Looking But Most Disappointing Cafe in Singapore

Welcome to Wheeler's Yard   "And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss." -J.K. Rowling Wheeler's Yard - Coolest Cafe in Singapore  was created and first published by Close your eyes. ...
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The 1,000 Soul Japanese Cemetery Park in the Yio Chu Kang Heartlands

  Japanese Cemetery Park   Forgotten souls, forgotten memories. Cemeteries are places where the dead lay to rest eternally, a place where they lay a piece of their heart, encased by their soul and memories.   When Yio Chu Kang comes up in conversations, chances are that people will be...
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Lorong Buangkok - The Last Kampong in Singapore

About The Last Kampong   In cosmopolitan Singapore, everyone and everything is hectic and fast-paced. Yet in a corner of Singapore, exists a place where time slows down to a peaceful pace, and residents enjoy a simple yet relaxing lifestyle, content with their status quo. This xanadu of greenery and...
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