20 Reasons to Visit Brisbane At Least Once in Your Life

The Coastal Capital of Queensland   Sydney? Been there, done that. Perth? Boring. Melbourne? What’s new? Known as the gateway to Queensland, the coastal city of Brisbane has some of the best tastes, sights and sounds in the country. There’s more that meets the eye to the capital of the...
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10 Reasons to Fly Qantas in 2015


All-New A330   Traveling is now all the rage. It used to be exclusive to businessmen or rich families who would go on holidays twice a year. Now, it’s the year 2015 and everyone is itching to explore every nook and cranny of the globe. But instead of scrambling for...
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20 Signs You Grew Up A Singaporean Westsider

The Wild, Wild West   What up, West side! Do you get teased at for living on the secluded side of the island? Does the quiet end of Singapore please you or bother you? I’ve lived here for 20 years and I LOVE IT. From the ridiculous travelling hours to...
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Tattoo Artists of Singapore & Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask Them

What’s in a Tattoo?   To the public eye, tattoos are a taboo. The idea of leaving a permanent visual on one’s skin doesn’t favour with most people. When I was younger, I imagined tattooed individuals to be people of few words, leaving their inked bodies to tell their tales....
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10 Difficult But Essential Things To Do For A Happy, Healthy Relationship

The To-Do List   Source Being in a relationship isn’t all glitter and prancing unicorns. My boyfriend is the best person I know but there are times when we are not on the same page and we have to accept that. The good times are great - we go on...
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Korean Chain Chir Chir Whips Up A Medley Of Korean Fried Chicken Fusion Dishes

About Chir Chir   The K-wave isn’t settling down yet. Located in 313@Somerset,  Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory is the latest  Korean fried chicken chain to hit our shores. Originally from South Korea, the fried chicken chain has over 100 stores across the country as well as in China and...
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5 Shoe Nightmares You Never Have To Deal With Anymore


Shoe Horror Stories   From blisters to worn out shoes, every girl has had her fair share of shoe horror stories. We at know exactly how you feel. We round up 5 of the worst things that can happen to your shoes and some of them may make you...
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My Experience Getting Shaped Up At Kris By MENCE

About Kris By MENCE   An anti-aging and weight management centre started up in Hong Kong, Kris By MENCE is an extension of the original chain, MENCE Hong Kong. The firm believes in non-invasive and non-surgical approaches when it comes to their slimming treatments. Their state-of-the-art machines boast abilities to...
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It's A Food Festival At PasarBella's Gourmet Hop This 28-29th March

About PasarBella Gourmet Hop   What do cities London, Melbourne and Seattle have in common? Why, world-renowned food markets! Avid Singaporean travellers spend their weekends at these farmers’ markets and gush over affordable fresh produce while feasting on piping hot homemade foods . Well, kill the jealousy. In conjunction with...
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We Flew To A Thailand Hill Tribe To Learn How The Top 1% Coffee In The World Was Made

About Doi Chaang Coffee   Doi Chaang Coffee originates from Doi Chang, Chiang Rai, a province in northern Thailand. The hill tribe residing there has been harvesting coffee beans for 20 years, exchanging their produce at minimal prices. In conjunction with the hill tribe chief and Canadian businessman, John M....
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