I love eating, gaming, hanging out with friends and writing. I hope I can consider napping a hobby too but then it is sort of an unpleasant hobby so.. forget it. It's painful to grow up because all I do is grow fatter.

11 Signs To Find Out If Your Singaporean Girlfriend Is A Keeper

How to know your girlfriend is worth keeping   A friend once told me a few years ago, "A recent survey rated Singaporean women as the most desirable in the world. They speak good English, they are confident, they are fluent.. they are traditional.." While debatable and subjective (and despite...
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15 Signs You Are A True Blue SMUgger

15 Signs you went to SMU   Singapore Management University, a beautiful city campus right smack in the middle of town and home to Singapore's wackiest, overly-driven and at times cranky undergraduates. Here's how you know that you, or your friend, comes from one of the most well branded and...
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Review of Cedele's Mother's Day Berry Chocolate Cake

About Cedele   Starting out in 1997 as a bakery in Singapore, Cedele prides itself as a destination for nutritious and delicious food. Today, Cedele has outlets in both Singapore and Hong Kong. According to Cedele, they use an approach of no artificial as well as no trans-fat ingredients. This...
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Live Great TV - Popular Singapore influencers go on dates with each other

About Live Great TV   Live Great TV is a new reality YouTube channel featuring YouTubers and influencers who go on budget dates together. E ach person is invited to go on a blind date with another and they have a budget of $50 to spend on their date. In...
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20 More Slangs Only A True Blue Singaporean Will Know

A Guide to Singlish Part II   A big thank you to all our readers who submitted suggestions in our earlier guide -  20 Slangs Only A True Blue Singaporean Will Know . By popular request, we've decided to come up with a second part to our guide. We've also...
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10 Things Every Singaporean Should Do Before Graduating University

10 Things Singaporeans should do after graduation  and its full images can be seen as it was originally published at Graduating from university can be a scary thought. You're close to your mid twenties, or as most guys in Singapore will be, 25. Some of us will have in...
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15 Traits That Make Us Singaporeans

15 Traits That Make Us Singaporeans Have you ever had foreign friends ask you how Singapore was like? How the people are, how the weather is and if you can really get arrested from chewing bubble gum (No, you can't). In that moment you may be stumped for an answer...
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20 Slangs Only A True Blue Singaporean Will Know

20 Singaporean Slangs - A Guide to Singlish To all Singaporeans who have been away from home, nothing in the world feels more heart-warming than stepping into Changi Airport's arrival hall and hearing, " WAH, SO FAT ALREADY AH! " or " AH BOY, MAMA MISS YOU LEI. " Something...
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20 non-lame Singaporean gift exchange ideas this Christmas

Unless you're an accountant, the year end is probably your favourite time of the year. Marked by celebrations, merry-making and perhaps that dreaded gift exchange at the Christmas Party where you hope your very lame and very last minute gift exchange idea does not get pointed out as lame. To...
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Singaporean spent 6 months in USA and came back with this awesome photo journal

Why should you make the trip to USA Just about half a year after returning home from the United States, I realised that despite having the time of my life I never actually talked much about it, or even written something about it. So to everyone who thinks that Europe...
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