10 Best Noodle Dishes In Sabah: The Noodle Capital Of Malaysia

Best Noodle Dishes In Sabah
Delicious noodles in the Negeri Di Bawah Bayu     Source: @jordannashamma Sabah’s rich culture is something to shout about, especially when it birthed a unique cuisine brilliantly invented by its locals. Hidden within its scenic spots are restaurants offering delicious and unique Sabahan noodles that may sound obscure to...
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10 Malaysian Destinations That'll Convince Your Friends You're Travelling The World

foreign land malaysia thesmartlocal
Places In Malaysia  That'll Teleport You To A Foreign Land   Source France, Japan, Bolivia, and a sanctuary that looks like a place where action heroes go to train and heal before facing off their nemeses, are some of the destinations Malaysia offer. When it comes to fantasy-like places, our...
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10 Johor Islands That Don't Require A Passport For Malaysians To Travel To

Johor islands thesmartlocal
Island getaways in Johor   Johor’s islands are perfect quick getaways - they’re less crowded but just as beautiful as Tioman or Pangkor Island. Or even Boracay’s beaches! Most of these islands are accessible via the Mersing Jetty by boat and/or speedboat, but keep in mind the monsoon season that...
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10 Ways To Know You Pasti Come From KL

Kuala Lumpur Boleh!   Hands up if you’re from Malaysia’s cosmopolitan capital! KL is a huge melting pot of cultures, and we locals have our own set of quirks and idiosyncrasies that you just wouldn’t get unless you’ve been living here all your life. If you’re a true city girl...
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10 Mobile Apps Every Malaysian Should Have To Make Your Life Easier

Perks of technology Source Let’s be real, at this day and age, keeping up with everything in life is extremely stressful when you have major commitments like work and school. You don’t have to silently suffer on the inside, technology is invented to help us out but techy things spawn...
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10 Best Places For Water Sport In Malaysia For A Splashing Good Time

Always more fun in the water   Source Our Extreme Activities Article included some water sports activities in Selangor (click here to read) but if you’re craving more wet and wild fun out of Selangor, this will be your ultimate guide for the best water sports we've handpicked in Malaysia....
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10 Extreme Activities In Selangor To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Pumping adrenaline   Source You daredevils must be hungry for some adrenaline-pumping, fear-testing, physically challenging and extreme activities. Here we’ve got you a list of extreme activities in Selangor and KL that will have you embracing your sense of adventure, overcoming your fear of heights and plunging head first into...
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12 Delicious Salted Egg Creations In KL You Need To Know About Today

More to eggs than Gudetama   Source The incorporation of salted eggs in dishes is not just limited to the few we commonly find in Chinese restaurants. If you’re on a serious quest for more salted egg dishes around Kuala Lumpur, we’ve got you covered! From savoury to sweet and...
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