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10 Places In Hokkaido That Prove It's The Food Capital Of Japan

Hokkaido - A foodie haven     Hokkaido. Most people think of snow-capped mountains, fresh seafood, and gorgeous hot springs when you mention Hokkaido. And while all those are valid reasons to pay a visit to Japan's northernmost island, most tourists, in search of those, often miss other gems that...
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A Farewell Tribute To Mr. Lee Kuan Yew In Pictures - The Funeral Procession From A Citizen's View


Paying Tribute To Lee Kuan Yew   A final farewell to our beloved founding father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. Mr Lee Kuan Yew has been called many things - statesman, diplomat, legend, sage. But to us Singaporeans, he was simply our Lee Kuan Yew. A man without equal, he stood...
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6 Reasons Why It's Worth Packing In A Tripod On Your Next Travel Trip

The Humble Tripod   A tripod is one of the most useful accessories in any photographer's arsenal of gadgets. What an irony then that most of us hate bringing our tripods on our vacations. There are many reasons for photographers thinking of tripods as irritations: they are cumbersome, take too much time...
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Hokkaido, Japan - A Photojournal And Story Of Raw Natural Beauty

Visit Hokkaido   Mount Iou - "Naked Mountain" in local Ainu lingo. It's an active volcano 510m tall. At the lower regions, crevices spew sulphur crystals. It smells like a huge group of people passing wind at the same time here. I nitiated by the Hokkaido Tourism Board in 2012,...
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F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2014 - A Photojournal

The 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix    I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that the 2014 Singapore Formula One Grand Prix was in its 7th installment - the Singapore F1 Grand Prix will be a 10 year old event when the contract expires in 2017! Somehow the annual...
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Sisters Islands - A Photojournal of Singapore's First Marine Park

The First Marine Park in Singapore   When the National Parks Board (NParks) announced in July 2014 the designation of the Sisters' Islands as Singapore's 1st Marine Park, I had mixed feelings. I was delighted that nature-lovers have, for once, triumphed - nature was finally allowed to flourish in close...
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The Singapore Garden Festival is back and for the first time held at Gardens by The Bay till 24 Aug 2014

Singapore Garden Festival 2014    Held biennially in Singapore, visitors from home and abroad converge like honey bees to the beautiful floral offerings at the Singapore Garden Festival (SGF). And this year, the festival is back with a dazzling kaleidoscope of colours. It's most fitting that for the 1st time,...
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8 Spectacular Scenes From Singapore's Upcoming National Day Parade 2014 - Highlights From The Rehearsal

Singapore's 49th National Day!   To all readers tuning in to my sneak preview, a Happy National Day 2014 in advance to you! And if you're like me and have never being successful in ALL your previous years of trying to secure tickets to the NDP, fret not. You still...
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A tribute to traditional bakeries in Singapore - A behind the scenes photojournal

Traditional bakeries in Singapore   Many of us love a freshly baked slice of butter cake or ham bun with our morning kopi , but do we really know much about the labour of love that goes into producing these delicious confectioneries? My interest in these traditional bakeries was piqued...
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Science Ahoy! Singapore Science Festival 2014

Singapore Science Festival 2014   Science is an exciting subject but let's face it - compressing and presenting the interesting aspects into bite-sized pieces for children and the masses can be really challenging. Add the notion of chasing and fulfilling grades in school, and it takes the edge off this...
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