20 Completely FREE Birthday Perks In Singapore To Score In 2017

Shin Minori A La Carte Japanese buffet
Celebrate your birthday without spending a cent   Adapted from s ource:  @lirongs As kids, birthdays were an excuse for royalty treatment from our parents, but with each passing year, the significance of celebrating this day wanes - with the exception of 21st birthdays. We often think it’s just another...
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10 Cheapest Karaoke Places in Singapore For Nathan Hartonos In The Making

Sing your hearts out with cheap karaoke   Adapted from source The cool thing about karaoke sessions is that we don’t take the singing too seriously. We’ll never forget the unfortunate incidents where we messed up the lyrics to iconic songs, and the times we tried to keep up with...
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New Cafes and Restaurants In Feb 2017: Takeaway Ramen in MBS, Yu Sheng Rice Bowl

STRAY by Fatcat, yusheng rice bowl
Feast non-stop February     Adapted from source: @theforbiddenrebel Our official CNY long weekend has just passed, but CNY isn’t technically over yet, and this gives us more reason to treat ourselves and our loved ones to good food. And just because February is the shortest month of the year,...
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10 Queenstown Highlights From Singapore's WW2 Era That Still Exist Today

Machine Gun Bunker, Keppel Harbour, World War 2
Labrador & Alexandra Heritage Tour   The last time we embarked on an adventure with My Community, we learned about Queenstown residents ’ interactions with their living spaces. My Community is a registered charity in Singapore that does atypical charity work, conducting urban explorations into abandoned ruins and organising carnivals...
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15 Must-Knows About Braces For Potential Metalmouths To Survive The Next Two Years

limited colour combinations for braces
Brace yourself for braces     Adapted from Source Once upon a time, smiling was something I detested. We all know that a smile brightens up someone else’s day, but I was too self-conscious about my topsy-turvy gnashers for that. I also avoided photographers like the plague for the same...
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New And Fun Things To Do In Jan 2017: Singapore Art Week & 1st Ever TaoKaeNoi Land

things to do jan 17
New Year, New Beginnings   Adapted from Source Oh, how time flies. Seems like it was yesterday when we were unwrapping our Christmas gifts, and now we’ve already gone past the countdown to 2017. Of course, every new year brings with it some uncertainties, but take heart, because we’re starting...
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Portico Prime Has A New Menu For Date Nights At Dempsey And It's Made For Meat Lovers

Kagoshima Sirloin A5 Grade, Portico Prime
Perfect for special moments with your soulmate   If you’ve been celebrating your anniversary with your other half at the same restaurant every other year, it’s about time to shake things up a little this year. Surprises never get old, especially when you wanna impress the love of your life....
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Office Renovation: TSL Turned This Rabak Industrial Unit Into A Mini-Google HQ

The Smart Local new office 2016
Office Renovation Inspiration     I met up with some old friends recently, and they said, “Your new office is super nice!” It then hit me that many of my friends have been following TSL on social media, even as they were busy mugging for their exams. TSL moved into...
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10 Vegan-Friendly Eateries In Singapore That Confirm Vegan Food =/= Rabbit Food

vegan restaurant COVER
A Guide to Singapore's Best Vegan Eateries   Adapted from source:  @svphiagoh When Lady Gaga donned the meat dress, the world kicked up a fuss. And we don’t blame them. After all, using meat as clothes is a gross waste of our planet’s resources, and a downright insult to the...
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10 Unique HDB Blocks That Prove Our Homes Are More Than Grey Boxes Of Concrete

weird hdb COVER
Hidden gems amongst slabs of concrete   Although the majority of Singapore reside in flats, we often take our homes for granted, and rarely take notice of the uniquely-designed HDBs in our midst. Instead of looking up, we look down at our phones, eyes fixated, fingers constantly scrolling - on...
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