Fangying is someone who isn't used to referring to herself in third person.

20 Best Chicken Wings in Singapore So GOOD You Won't Mind Putting On Weight For

The Best Chicken Wings in Singapore   I recently read a survey which found that 98% of ardent chicken-lovers regard the wings as some of the best parts of the bird. I count myself to be amongst this 98%.  From sauce-slathered bar bites, to charred outside nibbles at barbecues and...
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USS Halloween Horror Nights 4 To Open on 3rd October - Here's what's in store

About USS Halloween Horror Nights 4   TheSmartLocal team received an exclusive invitation to the USS Halloween Horror Nights 4 launch, to bear witness to the inauguration of Minister Jonah Goodwill to office.  Faced with such an influential figure, Miranda and I could not resist taking a photo with the...
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Azur at Crowne Plaza celebrates National Day with jazzed-up local delicacies

About Azur   No matter what my Instagram feed shows me, bak chor mee will always supercede pasta, teh si siu dai stomps on cappuccino and chwee kueh triumphs over eggs benedict. Classic local food is without a doubt, a source of national pride for many Singaporeans. Local foodies will...
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50 Reasons Singapore Will Always Be Home

Happy Birthday, Singapore   Credit: Sheng Long Photography The great thing about the 9th of August is that it gives you a shameless excuse to celebrate the best things about Singapore — excessive food intake, loud noises and taking out that flag you keep in your bomb shelter for display once...
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Kai - This Singaporean beatboxer is so good you will feel thirsty just listening to him


Meeting local musician Kai   On rare occasions, you come across an album from an artist that you’re unfamiliar with, and before the first track is even finished, you find yourself completely enamored with what you’ve heard. Beginnings , the debut EP by Kai, does just that. Already an established...
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New season of River Monsters Premieres + Jeremy Wade Interview

About Jeremy Wade   Survived a plane crash, detained as a suspected spy, caught Malaria, been threatened at gunpoint, and narrowly escaped drowning from a sinking boat - such is the life of Jeremy Wade. Maybe it’s because we all live such sedentary lives - sitting at desks, staring at...
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MTV Sessions with Guy Sebastian at Resort World Sentosa’s Waterfront Studio

Guy Sebastian at Resorts World Sentosa   Bursting onto the music scene after being crowned the first Australian Idol in 2003, the 32-year-old  Guy Sebastian  shows no sign of slowing down. The   singer-songwriter has  being extremely active in the industry for the last decade. Having traded his awkward afro...
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Farewell Zouk - 31 memories every true Zouk clubber will remember forever

Remembering Zouk   In light of the recent announcements regarding Zouk's closure , we couldn't help but reminisce about the good times we had at Singapore's oldest club . Here are memories at the 23 year old Zouk that many of us will remember forever.   1. Turning up at...
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Six Prawns and A Beer Opens - For the love of Prawns and Beer!

About Six Prawns and A Beer   Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea unless you possess a stomach of iron. Unfortunately, most bars in Singapore don't offer much in the way of decent bar grub.  Unless you go to a bar with a full kitchen, your...
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4 days in Surabaya - A Singaporean Travel Guide and Anti Eat, Pray, Love Story

About Surabaya, Indonesia   When one mentions Indonesia as a travel destination, Bali is probably the first place that comes to mind. A few years ago, I had fallen hard for Bali but later discovered I wasn't the only woman in its life. I remember reading, with a sinking heart,...
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