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Segway opens at Marina Bay Sands! Here's Our Insider Look At This Novelty Attraction

About The MBS Segway Tour   When you sign up for a Segway tour, you not only get to ride on the futuristic-looking Segway but also get to soak in the prettiest views our garden city has to offer. The Marina Bay Segway Tour covers some of Marina Bay's biggest...
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Dream European Road Trips

Embark on Journeys of a Lifetime     SUSTEN PASS, SWITZERLAND   They say you’ve never really seen Switzerland until you’ve visited the Swiss Alps. After all, half of the country is covered by the Alps. There’s no better way to journey through these majestic mountains than to take a...
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10 Singaporean Old Fashioned Dating Habits That Should Be Cool Again

How Our Parents Used To Date   A generation gap can inspire interesting conversations. I was talking to my mother one night when I got curious about how she dated in her time. As expected, we found more differences than similarities, many of which inevitably caused by the advancement of...
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Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall Reopens

About Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall   After 4 years of refurbishment, the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall opens its doors to the public once again. More than a century old, this national monument once played host to many international and local arts groups - many of which would be...
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HOTPANTS starts Thursday, 14 Aug - TSL Interview with Dick Lee

About HOTPANTS   Source: Olivier Henry from Milk Photographie  Celebrating his 40th anniversary in the music industry, Singapore's most established musician, Dick Lee, has decided to restage his 1997 musical, HOTPANTS . Reminiscent of his breakthrough in the 70s, this musical comedy is set in the same era and features...
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The Top 10 Things to do in Surabaya, Indonesia

The City of Heroes   Surabaya is known locally as the "City of Heroes" because of its importance in Indonesia's fight for independence. This city is the second largest in Indonesia, but it's hardly a popular travel destination due to its lack of publicity. Most of its tourists come from...
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Desperados - World's first Tequila Flavoured Beer comes to Singapore

The Party Beer comes to Singapore   First launched 23 years ago in France, Desperados is the world's first and leading tequila flavoured beer with 5.9% alcohol content. An amalgamation of a spirit and a beer, such concoctions have been nicknamed "Speers" and have a higher alcohol content than average...
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Lord of The Rings Live Orchestra: The Two Towers - Asian Premiere

Continuing the Saga, Orchestra Style     The Lord of the Rings (LOTR): The Two Towers orchestra premiered in Asia with its return to Singapore after a year, picking up where  The Fellowship of the Ring  left off.  The highlight of this orchestral event was the live performance of the...
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10 EPIC Bars You Won't Believe Exist In Singapore - Never Have A Boring Night Again

The Most Unbelievable Bars in Singapore   If you think Singapore's night life doesn't get any better than Zouk, think again. From inconspicuous locations with secret passwords to dim sum serving bars, we've compiled a list of the 10 most epic bars in Singapore in terms of uniqueness. If you're...
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World of Wines 2014 Festival Recap

About World of Wines   Organised by Magnum Spirits & Wine Private Limited, this was the second year that World of Wines was held in Singapore. This time, it was held at the Swiss Club Garden in a public two-day fest of wine appreciation from May 2014 to June 2014....
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