Is completing a K-drama in 2 days flat considered a talent?


Ding Dong Rings in the New Year With New Cocktails - Roti Kaya, Anyone?

About Ding Dong   Update: Ding Dong will move to 115 Amoy Street on Monday, 20 June 2016. Their last day at 23 Ann Siang Road will be on Friday, 3 June 2016. Nestled...

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46 Late Night Dating Ideas When Singapore Gets Dark

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15 Brands You Never Knew Were From Malaysia

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20 Brands You Never Knew Were From Singapore

Proud to be Singaporean   Phua Chu Kang is unashamedly Singaporean and we love him for that. He can bochup and speak Singlish, and he runs the best construction co...

20 Milo Recipes That Will Change How You Look At Milo FOREVER!

Milo, Milo and more Milo   Source: michtsang  First things first, it’s pronounced as mai-lou, not mee-lo. I don’t know if it’s just me but it drives me crazy each...

12 Homes Around the World That Will Make Your HDB Flat Look Like A Mansion

Smallest Homes In The World   It's not the size of the house - it's the way you live in it. The smallest 3-room HDB flat has a floor area of 60 square meters, or approx...

First Look: The New Gigantic Lotte World Mall In Seoul

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Claypot Party at Regent Singapore's Summer Palace - Claypot with Crocodile Meat!

About Regent Singapore’s Summer Palace    Tucked away on the third level of Regent Singapore is Summer Palace, a restaurant that serves up traditional Cantonese cuisine...