Our Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore Staycation - We Swam In Singapore's First Mineral Water Swimming Pool!

About Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore   With Pan Pacific’s reputation in the hospitality industry, a staycation here warrants high expectations. A quick search of Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore on TripAdvisor reveals a top 20 placing locally and hundreds of excellent reviews from travellers around the globe. But other than their renowned restaurant...
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The Boiler - Southern Seafood and Beer at an Ulu Office Building in Macpherson

About The Boiler   Spacious, delish and down-to-earth, The Boiler was conceptualised by a groups of bankers turned restaurateurs inspired by the rich Cajun culture in LA. Have a taste of what they mastered from the South, as you get your fingers saturated on Louisiana styled creations right here in...
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SET Unveils 5 and 6 Course Set Menus at Unbeatable Prices

About SET   Established by former members of Tao’s Restaurant, SET reintroduces the attractively priced prix fixe concept that offers flexibility in menu choices. Customers can expect premium dishes prepared using the freshest ingredients, as well as prices that will give you a run for your money. You can enjoy...
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Most Romantic Restaurant in Singapore Alkaff Mansion Launches New Sardinian Inspired Menu

About Alkaff Mansion   Alkaff Mansion Ristorante greets every visitor with a flight of stairs that leads you to the grandeur of a Tudor style mansion. Nestled atop a hill, it is surrounded by lush greeneries that will amplify your dining experience with tranquillity. It's so romantic that it made...
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The Rendezvous Hotel Review

About The Rendezvous Hotel   The Rendezvous Hotel is situated in between Singapore’s most iconic shopping belt and the heart of our cultural district. Its recent transformation was a successful culmination of the hotel’s vision to infuse interactive art into their contemporary interior design, making it a wholesome experience for...
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Cake Love - A retro-themed Halal café participating in Cafefest 2014

About Cake Love   Cake Love is a retro-themed Halal café that is brimming with inspiration. From the thoughtful menu to the absolutely hipster interior design, it presents itself as nothing but promising. The owner was first inspired to craft a career in cakes during her college days in Australia....
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12 Best Liu Sha Baos in Singapore History - Feel molten custard heaven at your fingertips

The Best Liu Sha Baos in Singapore   There are memorable milestones in every Singaporean foodie's life. Your first plate of Hainanese chicken rice. Your first bite into a $1 ice-cream sandwich in the Singapore heat. And your first Liu Sha Bao . The moment you burst open your very first...
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10 #Insta-worthy Photo Spots that will make your friends say BO JIO!

Best Photography Spots in Singapore   This post on the " Best Photography Spots in Singapore " was created and first published by Photography frames art as its centrepiece - a confession of individualism and manifestation of personality. Behind every picture taken is a communion of photographic techniques and...
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