15 Ways Shenyang And Dalian Will Transport You To Eastern Europe From Only $206

Everything China should be   The 3 factors that make up a perfect getaway are: chill vibes, good food, and of course, cheap shopping. I can’t say I expected to find those things in China. Having never been to - or even heard of - Dalian prior to this trip,...
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7 Ulu Places So On The Edges Of Singapore That You Might Receive Welcome SMSes From Malaysia

Living life on the edge   If the safe city life is starting to bore you, listen up - we’ll show you how to literally live life on the edge. From lighthouses to beaches, we bring you a list of the best corners of Singapore for you to lepak on...
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11 Inspiring Singaporean Youths We Should Celebrate

Who Inspires You?   When such questions are asked, we often think of huge inspirational figures like Obama or Gandhi. Or maybe we're inspired by that one YouTuber who always smiles regardless of life's lemons. These people are given the recognition they deserve and are acknowledged for their effort and...
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50 Unbelievable Things To Do in Bali - The Best Sights, Food And Places To Visit

Things To Do In Bali   Before I visited Bali, I thought that all there was to do in Bali was go to the beach, and I'd ignorantly think to myself, "Whatever, I can just go to Sentosa." And to past me, I say, "You have no idea what you're...
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Movit, The Revolutionary App That Gives You Local Rates Anywhere In The World

About Movit   Movit is a new revolutionary mobile app that totally eliminates roaming charges while you remain contactable while you travel the world. It’s also designed to project a professional image of you because your phone number never changes. All your contacts remain assured that they can reach you...
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Tribes by Pangdemonium Review - The Loudest Message on Love and Identity You'll Ever Hear

About Tribes   Photographs courtesy of Pangdemonium In an exaggeratedly argumentative family, Billy (Thomas Pang) is the odd one out, because he's deaf. Although this leads him to feel left out in almost all the conversations that happen in the family, it also gives him a really sweet disposition, and...
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This Massive $3.5 Million Spa Palace Actually Exists In Singapore - Here's Our Guide To It

About g.Spa   g.Spa is a mega-spa that's open 24/7, making it the ultimate place to relax no matter who you are. Regardless of how busy you are, when you're free to visit, they're open. This is also a unisex spa and they have a very clean and family-friendly image....
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Geylang by young & W!LD Review - More Than Just Sex

About Geylang   Photographs courtesy of W!LD RICE In a spicy blend of six original stories of love and loss, Geylang presents insights to the inner workings of one of Singapore's most colourful streets. From the days of parangs and daughters sold into marriages to modern days' constant change and...
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Cook-off with Kühlbarra - The Freshest Catch Delivered To Your Doorstep

About Kühlbarra   Recently launched in January 2015, Kühlbarra farms top grade Barramundi and delivers the freshest catch to your doorstep. Its fish is locally grown in the pristine ocean waters south of Singapore that ensure quality fish. Just check out our guide to the Singapore southern islands to see...
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8 Problems Regular Opticians Can't Solve But Visual Mass Can

About Visual Mass    A good pair of glasses is vital to any individual, whether you're a working professional or the casual student. They frame your eyes and face and can instantly give you a look of sophistication and class. But they come with their own problems, and in Singapore...
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