Bryan loves exploring Singapore and sharing his travel adventures with readers. He enjoys photography, film making, coding and writing. He is trying to learn fashion after someone said he looked like a 40 year old. He is not 40 years old.

He's Managing Editor at local lifestyle portal He thanks you for reading this and apologises for talking in third person.

Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Miracle Finisher Sample Redemption

Fill This Up To Redeem Your Free Sample!   The Bio-Gold sample will be conveniently sent to you home. Loading...
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Coney Island Guide - 21 Things You Need To See, Do And Know

Guide To Coney Island   Coney Island is located on an actual island off Punggol, in the most North Eastern part of Singapore. So unless LRT stations like "Samudera" and "Nibong" sound familiar to you, it's going to take some time to get here. That's why if you're coming all the...
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How To Travel Across 4 Cities In Europe Under $1,000 SGD

Travelling Europe As A Student   Written with Amanda Lee with photography by Audrey Lim and Christabel Chua. It has always been our dream to travel across Europe, but the cost would scare us away. Our friends would come back regaling tales of crazy adventures in Europe. Like how they ate someone’s...
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10 Reasons To Visit Cairns At Least Once in Your Life

b2ap3_thumbnail_xtreme_splash.jpgAbout Cairns   Source If you were to ask me what there was to do in Cairns, Queensland a month ago, I would have sheepishly said "Errr.. Great Barrier Reef?", while finding a hole to hide in, hoping my answer somehow satisfied you. That was sadly the extent of my knowledge...
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KUMAR Stands Up for Singapore On 22nd April For 7 Shows Only!

b2ap3_thumbnail_kumar.jpgKumar Stands Up For Singapore   Kumar was always this flamboyant, larger than life character, who I grew up with on my television screen. I never knew he did stand-up, till I stumbled upon his TSL rating page one day. He was given an amazing 84% score from our members -...
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10 Secrets Learned At Club Med Bali - An Inside Look At The Club Med Experience

b2ap3_thumbnail_club-med-bali.jpgClub Med Bali   When I was growing up, I always thought of Club Med as an exclusive paradise that the rich people went to. Maybe it was because my Dad had this uber rich friend, and all he did was to go on Club Med holidays. He had this grin on...
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Princess Cruises - 10 Things Learned On The Super Luxurious Sapphire Princess

b2ap3_thumbnail_Princess-Cruises-92.jpgAbout Princess Cruises   Back in the age of discovery, explorers set sail hoping to find new lands and riches for their kings. I grew up reading books of their tales, so setting foot on ships always evoked feelings of adventure within me. I would stare out at the the open...
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Every Single Gambling Movie Is Summed Up In This One Video

b2ap3_thumbnail_gambler-movie.pngEvery Gambling Movie   This is how Night Owl Cinematics describes their latest video: "As a post-80s child, you would have watch 1 or 2 (or in our severe cases ALL of the God of Gamblers gambling movies starring Stephen Chow/Chow Yun Fat/Andy Lau).. They're all basically the same thing, BUT...
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Best Of Local Music - Gentle Bones - Elusive (Acoustic) - TSL Acoustic Sessions

b2ap3_thumbnail_gentlebones.jpgIntroducing TSL Acoustic Sessions   At TSL, we love supporting all things local. So we've decided to create a special acoustic series on TheSmartLocalTV to promote talented Singaporean musicians. Every month, we plan to invite Singapore musicians down to interpret songs in their own special acoustic versions. For our very first...
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Types Of Singaporean Couples

b2ap3_thumbnail_tslcouples.pngTypes Of Couples in Singapore   In our latest TSL comedy channel episode, we take a look at the different types of couples you can find in Singapore. From the health nuts, to the travelers, there are all sorts of couples in Singapore. Which one are you? Guest starring Siala!
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