The author is currently a tech-savvy Singapore Citizen in his 20s. Having received massive influence from his dad, the latter an audiophile who worked for a leading Japanese electronics firm, the author embarked on a journey throughout his youth gathering information of TVs, PCs, photographic equipment etc.

Today, he counts himself as a competent photographer and knowledgeable not only in electronic equipment but the inner workings of the business, and hopes to share more insights to purchasing electronic equipment in Singapore.

Nuvo's Bottomless Prosecco 44 dollar Brunch

About Nuvo   Marina Square has recently revamped itself with a new gourmet wing, where several restaurants with novel concepts have erupted. It becomes clear Marina Square has taken great care in selecting its tenants, because you will not find large chain restaurants in this wing. I recently brought my...
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The Singaporean Gentleman's Guide to Tailoring

About Tailoring in Singapore Tourists and locals alike have always expressed interest in professional tailoring services in Singapore. Clothes make a man, and a smart, well-fitted shirt and suit say volumes. But it's not easy to find the right tailor, especially if it's your first time looking for tailoring services....
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Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Photographic Equipment in Singapore

1. What every camera buyer needs to know Singapore is a great place for electronics – the little city nation carries numerous top makes and models at competitive price. Thus it has always garnered considerable interest from tourists, especially the good folks in Europe and Australia, where taxes are high....
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