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10 Trending Foods In Singapore And How To Make Them Yourself For Cheap

Making trending foods at home   Why pay a bomb and endure snaking long queues when you can easily recreate the exact same thing at a fraction of its price, in the comfort of your own home? The fickle food scene in Singapore has got us scrambling from cafe to...
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10 Classy Restaurants To Impress Bae On Your Next Dinner And Drinks Date

Classy restaurants perfect for romance   “Where to eat ah?” “I don’t know leh. Anything lah, you choose.”  Sounds familiar? We’ve all been there.  Finding a suitable date night location doesn’t have to be so difficult. Whether bae loves Spanish paella, Italian pasta, French fare, Tex-Mex grills or even healthy...
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10 Restaurants With Beautiful Ambience That You'll Never Find In Shopping Malls

Restaurants with ambience   Sometimes we dine to get our tummies filled, sometimes we crave a complete dining experience. Though shopping malls are convenient, accessible and filled with restaurants, they may not be ideal if you’re looking to spend a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the...
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9 Obscure Businesses In Singapore That Show Any Service Exists

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Singaporean businesses you won’t believe exist   Source Years ago, I would never have imagined being able to get restaurant quality food delivered piping hot right to my doorstep at a touch of a mouse click. Now, with the convenience from the Internet and the rise of many innovative entrepreneurs,...
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13 Primary School Comebacks That Singaporean Millennials Will Remember From Their Childhood

Primary School Phrases Singaporean Millennials Still Use   As a 90s kid, nothing warms my heart more than recalling the times in primary school when my friends used phrases like “ orbi good” and “ neh neh ni poo poo ” to annoy me. Oh, sweet memories. However, with the...
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14 Places at MBS Shoppes with 3-Course Lunch Sets Under $25

3-course meals under $25   Of all the things I miss about being a student, discounted meals and public transport concession passes are the two that have left an indelible mark on my heart. While most of us are no longer eligible for such benefits, there’s still a way to...
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10 Preschool Attributes Parents Must Look Out For Before Enrolling Their Child In Schools

Preschool education in Singapore   A quality early childhood education programme is important - it gives children a running start to their primary school education while their peers are starting to walk. Because of this, parents are increasingly spending more time doing research into the best options! With some preschools...
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10 Trending Food Creations So Ingenious, Singapore Needs To "Patent" Them ASAP

Next gen Singaporean food trends   It’s no new fact that Singaporeans love food. We love photographing it, consuming it, creating it; and yes, queueing for it too.  Every year, trends come and go. Some disappear as quickly as they arrived, while others have withstood the test of time. Remember...
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10 Beautiful Things You Can Actually Make Using Canned Food

Canned food: underrated ingredients   Canned food get an unfairly bad rep in the kitchen. Mention canned food and most people think of corn and peaches swimming in the sugary or salty water used in steamboat sessions or end-of-meal desserts. Contrary to popular belief, canned food is nothing but boring...
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Waterbom Bali - The Most Extreme Waterpark in Asia Just Got Better

Ready, Set anddd WHOOOSH!!   Credit: Waterbom Bali Theme park lovers have Six Flags in America on their bucket lists, with rides there that will reduce the bravest of thrill seekers to jelly. Kingda Ka, El Toro, and Superman: Escape from Krypton, among other rides, have reached mythical status, attracting...
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