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10 Boutique Hotels In Bangkok You Can Stay In From $68/Night

Praya Palazzo
Unique Stays In Bangkok   Source Ah, Bangkok - every Singaporean’s paradise city. Tons of us flock to Thailand’s capital year after year for the best of cheap shopping, mouthwatering street food, world-class nightlife, and a taste of Thai culture. Most of us often opt for the cheapest of accommodations...
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10 Taiwanese Homestays Under $100 To Experience The Countryside Idol Dramas Are Made Of

Ting Tau Garden Resort Bungalow homestay
A Homestay Away From Home   Taiwan’s not known as the ‘Heart of Asia’ for nothing - the abundance of delectable street food, gorgeous scenery, glitzy bustling cities and warm, friendly people draw so many of us there year after year. On your next trip to Taiwan, experience that trademark...
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10 Incredible Hostels In Hong Kong Under $35/Night For Impromptu Weekend Trips

Explore Hong Kong, backpacker-style   Source ‘Hong Kong’ and ‘budget’ are rarely words you’d expect to go together - the bustling, metropolitan city of Hong Kong is an inquisitive traveller’s dream, but the sky-high prices of living often deter the budget-conscious from even considering it as a travel destination.  This...
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10 Backpacker-Friendly Cities In Southeast Asia You Can Explore From S$7 A Night

Travelling the region on a budget   You’re bored stiff by your cyclical, mundane way of life, and you’re desperate for a short escape to a city unknown where you can explore to your heart’s content. Only problem is, you’re broke. Why, there's only one way to combat the struggles of a millennial...
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10 Reasons Why Kopitiam-Style Coffee Is Still The Best

Brewing Memories   Source To all the Kopi Kakis, this one’s for you. While all your other friends are joining the snaking queues at Starbucks, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and the endless rows of hipster Western cafes, you guys are the ones staying true to your first love...
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50 Reasons To Visit Sydney & NSW Again and Again

Where The Heart Never Leaves   Picture a glistening harbour beneath a sky of dazzling fireworks, gorgeous beaches with water so blue you can’t find the line between ocean and sky, mystical rock formations that tower over the forest below, unique wildlife, and food that’s so fresh you’ll wonder if...
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6 Reasons You'll Start Wearing A Watch After Reading This

Be The Time Keeper   There are two types of people in the world: people who use their phones to tell time, and people who use their trusty wristwatches. If you belong to the former, we’re sure this list will make you want to strap a watch round your wrist...
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Sydney Bucket List: 10 Achievements EVERY Traveller to Sydney Must Unlock

An all-round adventure   Source To all the thrill-seekers, food lovers, and children of the ocean, you haven’t lived till you’ve visited Sydney. The stunning coastlines, fresh organic produce, unique wildlife and exquisite wines of the city and its surrounds will capture your heart in ways no other place in...
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10 Amazing Ski Resorts In Asia To Stay At For Under $200/Night

Winter Wonderlands In Asia   Source Sleigh bells are ringing, snow is glistening, and everywhere you look there’s a beautiful sight! It’s time to escape the godforsaken weather and head to an exhilarating Winter Wonderland. The best part is, you don’t have to travel too far from home nor burn...
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10 Cultural Hotspots In Singapore That Fly Under The Tourist Radar

Welcome To Quirky Singapore   Source  You’ve seen our guide to 50 weird things every visitor to Singapore must do, eat and see, so why not take it up a notch and explore the really niche and bizarre cultural enclaves on our island? If you’re the inquisitive tourist searching for...
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