Clarke Quay Is Having 1-For-1 Happy Hour And Supper Deals Till The End Of 2017

Deals At Clarke Quay Till 2017   Image credit: CapitaLand As the sun sets and the clock hands inch closer and closer to 5pm, the zombie-esque office crowd will flood into Clarke Quay - a much livelier pasture than the monotonous confines of high-rise buildings.  With a medley of restaurants...
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8 Newbie-Friendly Climbing Destinations In SEA You Needn't Lie To Your Mother About

climb the 200m tall tonsai tower
Up your climbing game at these outdoor climbing spots in Asia   Image credit:  Andrea Johnson With human-friendly safety measures implemented, anyone can rock climb. You don’t even have to get bitten by a radioactive spider as a prerequisite to scale walls. Rock climbing is all the rage now, with...
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7 Rapidly Growing Singaporean Companies That Are Hiring Right Now

play air-hockey at work
Companies proudly made-in-SG   Image credit: e27 As a seven-year-old, my “dream job” involved venturing into mysterious jungles in search of lost artefacts, or going to space with NASA. Both could render me gone from the face of the earth, which I unwillingly came to accept growing older. This was...
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10 Bike Sharing Tips After Using oBike As My Only Form Of Transport For 7 Days

obike tips bike sharing
Getting around Singapore on oBike   The morning rush hour is plagued with the most triggering sights: buses whizzing past my bus stop because there’s not even space left for one person, being packed into the train like a sardine and feeling the loss of a banana after it gets...
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Singapore's Security Guards May Soon Have Robots And Drones To Help Them

Technology gives security guards a new lease of life   “Disgruntled uncle laments about having to massage distracting and demanding female customers.” If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen this uncle (a.k.a Le Kua La Uncle) appear on Youtube videos chronicling his bad luck with jobs - from his dark...
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8 English Phrases That Can Only Be Decoded By Singaporeans Who Have Served NS

stand by universe army phrases
Army English explained   Disclaimer: Guys, you might hear your sergeant’s gruff voice as you read these phrases.  And even if you’ve been watching from the sidelines, it’s time to pick up some NS jargon so you won’t be lost in translation when your enlisted friends use these terms at...
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15 Best Restaurant Festival Deals To Eat Out Without Paying Full Price This July & September

SG Restaurant Fest deals to "treat yo self" with   Adapted from:  @marketkitchentable When life gets impossibly hectic, meal times are the most precious moments in a single day, as they offer a short intermission amidst the busyness. And whether you’re happy, sad, angry or a combination of everything, treating...
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11 Skills To Upgrade Your Own OS & Be Guaranteed Job Security In Singapore

Virtual classrooms for the young
Level up your skills for the future   Adapted from  Source , Source I grew up spending hours playing MapleStory, Guild Wars, and Diablo. It wasn’t just all fun and games because I picked up one of the greatest life lessons ever - in games, just like in real life,...
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5 Reasons To Catch Forbidden City Rather Than Follow An Entire Netflix Period Drama

Forbidden City SRT singapore
Forbidden City is returning after an 11-year hiatus   Adapted from source 11 years ago, going to the theatre was still a very foreign concept to me. I was still a pubescent child enjoying my favourite television shows on Kids Central . If you were just like me, you’ve probably...
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10 Local Foods For Overseas Friends To Try In Central Singapore Under 24 Hours

spread of jalan kayu prata cover image
Around the Singapore food scene in 24-hours   “What is the best Singaporean dish?” might be the million-dollar question that leaves you stumped. You won’t have the 50-50 option or enough time to call a friend, and you can’t escape your responsibility as a Singaporean to give your friends from...
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