Singapore Wedding Photography Services To Ensure Your Wedding Photos Don't Suck

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In this list we feature some of the top Singapore photographers and their pictures, as rated based on our member's reviews. Wedding photographers are especially popular, because its important to find that one special photographer to capture and make everlasting your once in your lifetime event. It is extremely important to get an experienced and skilled photographer so we came up with this list to help people with their choices.

Top Singapore Photographers


Invertigo Studios

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Invertigo studios specialises in both ROMs & Weddings and Family and Pet Photography. Invertigo studio loves brainstorming over the ideas you’d like to incorporate into your shoot to make it extra special for you and your loved ones. All the following images/rights belong to Invertigo Studios. (Click to Zoom)

Outside of wedding pictures, they also specalise in portrait and pet photography which is something different from the other photographers in this list.

Prices start at $200 per hour or $180 per hour with their packages.


TSL Reviews TSL Member Reviews:

Jacqueline's photos far exceeded our expectations! No regrets hiring her for our Twin's 100th day party! The party was held at La Salle College of the Arts - 15 Minutes Cafe. There were about 100+ guests and she managed to cover the event very thoroughly !

As we looked through the final product - we immediately knew that she is a gifted photographer - one who was able to capture the 'spirit' of the party - which is quite frankly, not an easy task. She was also able to produce the soft copies for us within 2 weeks (as promised) - this too was much appreciated - it highlights to us that she has a good work ethic!

We are definitely hiring her again for the next big family event...which would be our Twin's 1st Birthday this June 2013! :) 

Multifolds Photography

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Multifolds believes in bringing out the emotions and feelings attached to the photo. They believe the essence of a picture lies in capturing the spontaneity of that perfect moment. All the following images/rights belong to Multifolds Photography.

Packages start at 2500 SGD but you should email them yourself here to find out the latest rates.


TSL Reviews TSL Member Reviews:

Multifolds Photography have one of the best pictures I have seen around. They cover a range of shoots, from Casual Friendship shoot, to Pre-Wedding Shoot, to Wedding day Shoots and even Family Shoots!

Their pictures are always filled with joy, peace and love. It makes one happy to just watch the joy they have captured for others. You can easily feel the emotions, and be able to see yourself there at the event and feel what the people feel just following their pictures.

While I have not gotten married, or even plan my marriage, I have spoken to the photographers on separate events and they're the friendliest, nicest people around.
They are easy to talk too, and not demanding or proud.

I have constantly seen people leaving feedback, or just thanking the photographers for the pretty pictures, and wonderfully captured moments.

I know, if one day, it is my turn to get married, Multifolds Photography would hit my top list of wanted photographers choice!

One Eye Click

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At the core of their services is bridal and wedding day photography. Each couple has a story to tell, and they want to reflect it in their pictures that represent the couple's story and their personalities. All the following images/rights belong to One Eye Click.

As they have several levels of photographers, their rates vary depending on your choice. Its best to contact them here.


TSL Reviews TSL Member Reviews:

Bryan Choo
Bryan Choo 
Yi Ting from One Eye Click took our Pre-Wedding and Wedding photos.  The thing that irks me most with photographers is they take too slow or force awkward positions. Yi Ting was super quick all the way and everything felt natural. For our Pre-Wedding shots we went to MBS, the esplanade and Sentosa. We were lucky that the MBS road was just opening, so we had the chance to take our pictures on the new bridge to MBS which was a nice added bonus! And for our wedding it was the usual 5 hour photo stint.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the photo session taking. YiTing was very pleasant to work with and we were happy with the photos taken for both the wedding and pre-wedding shoots. Both days cost about $1,500 total if I remember correctly, which is really a bargain at professional photography rates. Their prices may have gone up since since this was a few years ago.

Also, the last two photographs above here were from my wedding!

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Our list is still quite short at the moment featuring just 3 photography services. It will be updated as time goes by and more reviews come in. In the meantime, if you have an experience to share you can do so by writing a review in our TSL Reviewsphotographers section. New listings from photographers are also welcome.

We are always on the look out for the best services in Singapore to share with fellow Singaporeans.

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