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A mid-casual dining restaurant with roast chicken as its main core item complemented by a rich variety of hot & cold side dishes. It promotes healthy eating with less salt and less oil in its food.

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(Updated: January 31, 2015)

Plain tasting chicken

The portion of the chicken is big, and the chicken is really tasteless. I used to like Kenny Rogers when I was a kid. It's either my taste buds have changed or the quality of the chickens have changed. Probably the chickens used are pumped with hormones so they are huge and tasteless.

The only redeeming food here is probably the muffins. Actually, they were not awesome or anything special but at least they taste decent. I also find that the workers at most Kenny Rogers branches in Malaysia are quite lazy. Kenny Rogers should focus on training them properly.

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(Updated: September 16, 2013)

Just eat...don't question

When I go to Kenny Roger's, I do not expect to be served. All I want is my chicken on a plate, maybe two, and a half dozen muffins on the side. After that just leave me alone until I finish and I get up to leave, only then do you come to clear the bones away.

Don't worry, I will not lodge a complaint against you for not giving me stellar service. In fact, if you would so kindly request, I would write in to your management to thank you for just leaving me alone so that I could enjoy the chicken.

Thank you!

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A Shadow of Its Former Self

Kenny Roger's used to be a wonderful place to eat. The chicken used to be so tender and moist and the side dishes used to be something you'd look forward to eating. The last time I came here on August 2012, I came to their branch at Sunway Pyramid with a friend. Both of us ordered the quarter chicken set. For the side dishes, I ordered the macaroni & cheese, potato salad and mashed potatoes.

What came next was a bit of a nightmare for me. The macaroni and cheese was cold and whatever white stuff it had on top of it didn't even look like cheese while the mashed potatoes were cold as well. I am 100% sure the chicken was reheated a lot as it was really dry. It was so dry that you'd need a drink of water every time you swallow.

Even though the portion is bigger than what they serve at Nando's, you'll definitely have a more satisfying time there. Hence, it is a shadow of its former self.

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Sunway Pyramid
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Muffins love

Kenny Rogers will always be my number one choice for roasted chicken. I still remember how good the roasted chicken was when I was still a kid. Until now, the taste doesn't change much but I was sad to see the quality of the food going downhill.

The chicken are less than average size, too small. The side dishes are lumped messily on the plate it looks like it was done half heartedly by their staffs. The only thing that makes me giddy up all inside outside is their muffin and being a loyal customer, I always go for their vanilla muffin. I wish they can reproduce their delicious corn muffins like the last time. It went well with the roasted chicken.

I can now see their revamped outlets and it's nice to see a change of my favorite restaurant once in a while. It shows efforts to attract customers.

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Big portions not always necessarily good.

Kenny Roger's is a popular franchise that's been sold all over the world, but personally, I did not come to like the restaurant as much. The setting appears to be just like most american cafes, and the service is overall average with waiters welcoming you to the store.

However, for the main course, their roasted chicken comes in a really big portion. While the sauce marinated on the chicken tastes good, it quickly runs out and you're left with a bare chicken. After awhile, I just got sick of eating it. The muffins were good, but that isn't helping the fact that the main course was a disappointment.

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What's not to love about it?

In my humble opinion, they serve the best grilled chicken around. Not sure about their healthy eating motto though. The chicken is definitely still salty but not to the point that I can't take it. But it's not as though it's less salty anyway. Not that I'm complaining because I like my food to have enough taste.

My usual order would be a quarter meal with black pepper chicken. Honestly, I've never tried other flavours of chicken because I don't dare to risk it and I absolutely love black pepper and their black pepper sauce. I love their muffins as well. They are the best muffins ever. I usually don't eat muffins because they tend to be dry but the ones here are not overbaked and so they remain moist. The vanilla flavoured one is my favourite.

Their sides are good as well. Their coleslaw has purple cabbage in it. I love their mashed potatoes too. One pasta I would recommend is their tangy chicken spaghetti. It has a tinge of sourness to it but it also has an Asian kind of element to it and tastes a little like asam laksa. Overall, it's a good place to dine and you're always assured that the chicken would never fail you.

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