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GP-170-G-43, Gurney Plaza Persiaran Gurney, Penang
Penang, Malaysia 10250
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Listing created by maniakidd on November 28, 2012    

The Chicago Rib House serves it's world famous pork ribs delicacy to its customers. It emulates the style and ambience of a classic Western restaurant and is renowned for its food which come in many varieties. This restaurant serves pork and is therefore, non-Halal. 

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Gurney Plaza,Penang

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An eye for a ribeye makes the world a happier place

I didn't venture all the way to penang for a plate of good steak. Instead, I went to their branch at 1 Utama with a couple of friends. One of them was a gym-freak and wanted a meal that was high in protein. I had no idea where to go but he seemed pretty happy when I mention Chicago Rib House.

Just like any other restaurant of its class, I didn't mind the fact that they served pork and alcohol as long as I avoid it. I had myself a 10 oz Ribeye Steak with black pepper sauce. It was the perfect harmony of meat and black pepper in my mouth. It definitely beats the black pepper steak from The Ship. And at 10 oz, it is pretty filling. A great place to go for steaks.

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Ribeye Steak
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1 Utama
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Satisfying ribs!

This restaurant has an American-style restaurant setting, giving off a pretty comfortable ambience. They serve large portions of food. Even the drinks come in big cups, and can constantly be refilled for free. For their main course, the ribs, I fell in love with it the first time I tried them. Even with its big portion, I was still craving for more of it after I finished it! They really weren't kidding when they said it is their specialty.

I had a really great time there, and my only complaint was the price needed to pay. But with one of the best ribs in town, the price is justifiable.

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Loving the ribs

It's great to eat on a weekday because it's when restaurants have set lunches at very affordable prices. Chicago Rib House has an extensive set lunch menu and I feel that it's one of the most generous one around. Their set lunch even has the famous pork ribs, not to mention that their portions are big.

This was where I tasted my first pork ribs and I fell in love with the dish ever since. It was tender and well marinated and I've always stuck to the tried and tested original pork ribs. The fish and chips was good as well. It was a standard fare but the portion was big. Considering that this restaurant specialises in pork ribs, it's really geat to see such an extensive menu and that the other items tasted good as well.

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Gets old over time

A Western-American themed restaurant which serves some of the best ribs in town. The menus are large in size and the food and drink portions even larger.

The variety of food is big. When I opened the menu, my eyes were treated to many mouth-watering pictures of burgers, steaks, ribs and pasta. I would normally choose the honey glazed ribs and since I don't eat excessively, I go for the half rack. Attempting a full rack for a single person is bound to make any average person eat to the point of your shirt buttons popping out so attempt it at your own risk.

Children under a certain age group will be able to dine for free as well so feel free to bring along all the children you have to enjoy a big family lunch or dinner. Unfortunately the menu doesn't change nor does the taste so after a period of time you will grow tired of the same tastes and flavors. It is still a recommended place to go if you are a rib lover.

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Ribs,size of burgers
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Gurney Plaza Penang
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