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102-104 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100
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Listing created by arvind90 on October 06, 2012    

The Ship is a Western food shop chain in Malaysia. It is well known for its steaks. The exterior and interior of the restaurant looks like you are entering and dining in a ship.

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Great place to find a decent plate of steak

Much like Chicken Rice Shop being the best place for a decent plate of chicken rice, The Ship is the best place to get a decent plate of steak if you're having sudden cravings for it and you have no idea where to go. I went to their branch at Uptown Damansara somewhere in 2011 with some friends after a jamming session at Akar Karya.

We had a sudden need to celebrate with good food after a good jamming session but didn't feel like going far so we walked to The Ship. I ordered myself a plate of Black Pepper Steak as I love steak with black pepper sauce. It was juicy and tender but the size isn't satisfying. It was a bit smaller than what I am used to. The one at TGI Friday's is definitely bigger. The black pepper sauce wasn't spicy at all but it tasted decent enough. A good experience for a decent meal at least.

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Uptown Damansara
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Old memories

When I was a kid, The Ship will always be my family's top shop to dine. We regarded this place as our family fine dining restaurant. Built to look like the real ship, I always feel all excited coming here back in those times. And I still am feeling all giddy until now when I dine here. Brings back the old memories.

I noticed the waiters are always helpful, responsive and attentive. Don't be afraid if you're clueless on the menu, they will tell you which one is the house's favorites and most recommended.

Talking about the food, they're still as good as the old times. I always opted for anything sizzling whenever I'm here and seeing the plate placed in front of me never fail to make smile.

I love The Ship for its nice, old school ambiance and sitting in the restaurant feels like you're dining in a sailing ship, with their little details and attention to wood panels, port holes and cabin door.

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Ship vs Eden

Now this is a hard decision. I love Eden because they serve some really good Chinese and Western food sometimes but for true blue Western food, none can beat The Ship. They serve some of the best steaks in town and at a moderate price, it is hard to resist.

I enjoy the ambience of being in a high class restaurant. It is dimly lit inside and its mostly dark despite it being the middle of the day outside. The waiters were very friendly and most are professional in the sense that they know how to treat you as a customer and know what to recommend to you based on what you would like to have for the day.

The food is great, it tastes delicious and the meat is succulent. I have tried the place more than a few occasions now and have never been disappointed in any way. The Ship ensures all it's customers get a great dining experience always and for that I salute them.

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May not be the Best Steak in town but still good food

Had a chance to dine here for the first time during my friend’s birthday. We arrived quite late and the place was packed but we were tended to almost immediately upon entering. The deco here is pretty special as it is themed around of course, a ship, and the workers here all wear uniforms which resembles captain of a ship and sailors.

I ordered the set dinner which was on promotion at that time. Appetizer was Shrimp Cocktail with a small salad. The prawns were fresh and I finished the whole dish within minutes. Next up was the Clam Chowder which tasted mediocre. Then I was served the main course, Grilled Salmon Steak and Baked Tiger Prawns. Maybe it was just me, but I find the fishy smell of the salmon was too overpowering. However, the potato wedges accompanying the salmon was crispy and nice. Dessert was some sort of chocolate cheese tart and I love the flaky crust of the tart. Oh, and I got a complimentary gift (a small bag) which comes together with the set dinner while stocks last.

Fancy a revisit? Yes, I do. There are still many dishes that I have yet to try out. If you are planning to visit during weekends, do make a reservation first or risk having to wait for a table.

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Petaling Jaya
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(Updated: October 06, 2012)

No nonsense good Western food.

The Ship serves one of the best western food in town and a haven for steak lovers.

I frequent this place once in a while and the standards have not dropped over the years. The sizzling tenderloin is juicy and taste really good. They do have seafood here like fresh oysters and I once tried the seafood platter which was not bad. For lamb lovers, the lamb rack here is flavorful,well seasoned and tender.

Tips: Never ask for a well done steak as it will be too chewy and dry. Try medium well. No pork is served here.

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