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Lot LG51,Queensbay Mall 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah,Bayan Lepas Penang Malaysia 11900
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Dave's Deli began back in 1989, in Kuala Lumpur and has been loyally serving Malaysians it's famous Western-American style cooking. It is a growing business with outlets popping up all over the country.

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12 pm
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10 pm
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Queensbay Mall Penang


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Old time favorite

My first experience with Dave's Deli was way back during my Uni years where we always go to Sect 14 in PJ for food hunting and our favorite stop would always be this place. It's a nice restaurant serving great western food and for students like me, the price is definitely reasonable for something that good.

Over the years, we learnt that few outlets have closed down and I was kinda sad knowing that this great place will go down forever. I always frequent their restaurant in Subang Parade and my latest visit now left me in awe.

Their revamped restaurant is definitely the coolest but they still maintained the whole cafeteria outlook on its place. The food still as delicious as before with a few new dish introduced to the menu. My favorite will always be their thick and heavenly lasagna with mashed potato as side dish. Yummy.

I totally love their new look which is so cozy and nice. With brick colored wall and big mirrors, this place will always be in my heart.

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One of the Best Sandwiched I've Tasted, Period.

I often go to Dave's Deli for brunch on the weekends at Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya. It's one of those meals where you don't want to eat rice and at the same time you don't want to eat until you get really full. Somewhere in between the line of snacking and an actual meal kind of thing.

Whenever I'm here, I always go for the sandwiches. Why? 2 reason. The first is that you get to choose what you want on your sandwich and the other being how awesome the taste is. I always go for corned beef and roast chicken along with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and carrots. The taste is comparable to Subway sandwiches with the only weakness being its size.

I highly recommend people trying the sandwiches here, especially my combination.

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Empire Shopping Gallery Subang Jaya
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The wonderful Chicken Chop.

Dave's Deli has one of my favourite dishes, the Hainanese Chicken Chop. The combination of its juicy sauce and the chicken instantly makes you fall in love with it. The prices are also not that high, while the portion of the chicken is pretty big.

I dislike the fact that it opens around 12 p.m. Usually, I don't really wait that long to eat my lunch. The service is alright, while the setting of the place seems fine as well, following an American style cafe. Overall, you'll enjoy this place.

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A Tasty Cafe

The line at the cafe normally starts immediately as it opens for lunch at 12 pm every day. I get extremely hungry and my tummy starts to grumble as I am standing in line because one can easily look into the kitchen and see all the delicious food being prepared. Of course, the cafe itself seems to be absurdly fragrant. It is as though they have air sprays that spray the odors of their food.

Their signature 1/4 chicken is a dish that must be tried. A nice healthy serving of delicious chicken meat served in a dark and sweet tasting gravy accomodates the dish extremely well. I also seem to drink more the gravy than eating the chicken. The dish is served with a side of coleslaw so you get a mix of hot chicken and cold vegies covered in mayo. A weird combination to mix but the taste goes very well together. A must try

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Quality service,great food
Branch Location:
Queensbay Mall
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