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Aiman Maulana
Listing created by Aiman Maulana on May 18, 2013 (Pronounced Auto dot my) is a Malaysian car dealer website that is part of Paul Tan's auto-mobile review website at . It has plenty of cars from different makes available for sale. Both new and used cars are available for purchase. It even has a calculator for each car to allow users to know how much needs to be paid for installments of the car. Users can also change the amount according to his or her needs such as higher or lower down payment.

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Seems Safe Enough is a car dealing website that I found through . After reading through countless car reviews, I decided to take a look at some of the cars that are on . There's mainly 3 sections which are new, used and refurbished. Some of the new cars being sold here are priced slightly below the normal price like the Fiesta Sport being sold at RM79k rather than the usual RM83K.

What made me even more surprised was how low certain cars were being priced at in the used cars section. Of course, that doesn't count for certain cars like Toyota and Honda. My uncle bought a used Honda City 2010 from here and it's still functioning well today. An accurate way of describing the website would be an alternative way to help people buy and sell cars regardless of its conditions. It also helps boost readers on Paul Tan's website in my opinion.

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