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Toys'R'Us believes in providing a happy shopping experience to customers with the biggest selection of toys and baby products priced to offer best value for money.

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(Updated: July 25, 2013)

Even an adult might find something nice here

I have not stepped into this store for the longest time as my perception was that they sell lame, childish stuff such as Barbie dolls and whatnot. I am not a fan of Barbie or any similar dolls because I find them creepy and ugly.

Anyway, my friend wanted to buy something for her cousin so she dragged me into the store with her. At first, I only saw those boring stuff but then I began to find several things that attract me such as a polystyrene(?) kit which can be used in any artistic ways. I was also attracted to the doll house in which the house owners were miniature teddy bears. The items and houses are so expensive but very well made.

I would recommend this shop not only for kids, but to people who enjoy doing creative stuff because there are really many good finds here.

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A stroll down memory lane

We were all kids at some parts of our lives. It feels as if it was just yesterday when I walked into Toys R' Us, asking my parents to get me the Transformers Armada action figures. As I was only 10 years old, the toys cost a bomb and I remembered begging my parents for all those toys. From Transformers Armada to Power Rangers. The good times before video games took control.

Memories aside, Toys R' Us carry a lot of child related products. They have the latest action figures, electric toy car and dolls etc, for girls and also boys. The toys also does not cost that much. U should be looking into spending around RM200 or less on a Transformers action figures. However, they do not carry much of display figurines and most of them are for kids who would like to get the box open and play with the toys.

Recommended for children, not for collectors.

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Mid Valley
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A Child's Personal Heaven.

Growing up in Petaling Jaya, I've been to Toys 'R' US a lot. In particular, the one in 1 Utama and Subang Parade. I recall having a confusion about how it was pronounce as I often hear my parents along with my other relatives pronouncing it as 'Toysaurus'. Like a toy dinosaur. It felt weird but I just with it anyway.

I remember spending the money I got for Hari Raya on Megaman action figures as well as a WWF title belt. It was awesome. I was tempted to buy a lot of other stuff like the lightsaber from Star Wars but I just used the money to buy myself more games for my Playstation. I wonder if they sell the latest WWE title belts now.

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A toy haven for all ages

As an old time toy chain that's still standing strong in Malaysia, I always regard this place as a toy heaven. I still remember how my father used to bring me here for toy shopping when I was a small kid because they have the most extensive and greater choice of the latest toys around.

Entering this place brings back good memories where I always had fun choosing my dolls, looking at all those girly toys and bought some educational toys as well. And now when I have my own kid, it's her time to experience the good feelings all over again.

I love how the toys are very organized and now, with a new section for babies, I have more reasons to come here and bought a few necessities for my kid. Even the adults can have fun here because my husband was so excited looking at all the Lego displays and decided to purchase a few for his own collection.

This is my favorite store whenever I'm looking for the perfect gifts for kids birthday.

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