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Listing created by astronumb on February 17, 2013    

Reject Shop is a home grown Malaysian chain store of apparel and home products. They bring off-season, discontinued, or late order cancellation stock from big international labels – and they also bring the prices way down, so you get superior  and value for money designs.

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In my opinion, the clothes at the Reject Shop are really unfashionable and out of trend. On the first glance, you can tell that the clothes look really cheap and are not of good quality. I was hoping to be able to get some fabulous steals at the shop, but left feeling thoroughly disappointed. I also can't tell if the clothes are rejects from famous brands, or simply brand-less cheap clothes.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for some simple t-shirts, I think the Reject Shop would be a good place to explore. Personally, I would rather spend a couple of dollars more and get a genuine/authentic shirt from UNIQLO or Cotton On.

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(Updated: July 16, 2013)

Quality has deteriorated

I used to like going to Reject Shop (nearly 10 years ago) as I could find good buys. Now I don't bother to enter into the shop anymore because they only have ugly, expensive clothes now. An ugly T-shirt (similar to clothes at The Store) can cost at least RM50.

The good thing is that I could never spot any flaws in their clothes, the clothes really don't seem like reject stocks. Well, maybe I don't have a keen eye for details.

In comparison, FOS has better clothes, at least not so lousy looking.

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Shop with luck!

In most of my visit to the Reject Shop, I would be lucky enough to find a piece of clothing that I was looking for at a very cheap price. Most of these items are of really good quality and are really comfortable to wear.

However, this doesn't happen every time. It's not really the place to go if you're in a rush. Although the stores are not really that big, I would suggest taking your time since I seem to always find the clothes that I am looking for hidden in a big pile of clothes. When you found what you're looking for, do examine the clothes thoroughly. I had an experience of buying a shirt that had a big rip in the armpit. Worst part was, the store didn't let me exchange the piece and even treated me with a sour face. Talk about bad customer service.

Even though it's not a perfect store, I would totally recommend this place if you're looking to shop for some nice clothes that wouldn't break the bank.

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Sometimes Looks Nice, Sometimes It Doesn't.

I have been to Reject Shop countless amount of times in my life. Usually I go there when I'm accompanying my mother in 1 Utama. With a name like Reject Shop, you'd probably thought the items being sold here would be pretty inferior. But let me tell you, it's pretty much as random as Factory Outlet Store. In what way?

Well, there are times when I went there and the t-shirts there look pretty awesome. But there are also time when the t-shirts look pretty dull and tasteless. In other words, this is a place that people should go to every now and then if they're in the midst of buying new clothes as this place sells all the clothes at low prices, especially when compared to other retail stores.

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Decent quality stocks

I always head down to Reject Shop because for some everyday clothes because believe it or not, they can be quite cheap sometimes.

Since the stocks are overrun and rejected ones, you might find some defects but usually, they aren't that visible so I have no issues with that.

The clothes aren't that fashionable but they are quite decent if you're looking for something basic and ordinary. But I always find the sizes are always a bit too big for Asian built, which resulted in major frustration when I finally found a perfect piece.

I love their kids collection because you can find super cheap branded clothes for your little ones, especially those sleepwear. Their home decoration is something that should not be missed because I always buy my cushion covers here. Not only they're pretty but cheap and have quite a selection too.

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