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#Lot LG 2.65, Lower Ground 2, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway
Selangor, Malaysia 46150
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Listing created by Kooooon on November 05, 2012    

Having over 3,000 stores worldwide, Daiso first opened its door in Malaysia in year 2008. It carries nearly 70,000 products and almost all of them were developed in-house with great quality and design.

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Some interesting items here

Daiso is one of those stores that you wouldn't know what they are trying to sell at first glance. But once you step in to the store, it's hard to leave without buying anything. Why? For one, it has a huge variety of items that are being sold. Another reason would be that it's hard to find another store just like Daiso.

I was accompanying a friend of mine who was looking for simple decoration items for her arts project. I am oblivious to art but the items being sold there is pretty unique. From mugs to fold-able keyboards and even a telephone that is in the shape of a cup of soft drink, this is a place that people should go to if they have no idea what to buy as a gift for another person.

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Sunway Pyramid
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Take my money, take all my money!

I love the concept of everything in the shop being the same price. Though some items can definitely be bought for less than that price from other stores, other items are a real steal.

Going around Daiso is also a very fun experience, being FILLED with everything and anything, and it is also a place I would highly recommend you to buy boxes from. For such a low price, you can transform your gifts into much classier ones, and not have to worry about wrapping anything!

I also like the wide variety of snacks found in Daiso that cannot be found anywhere else, and I always have a problem of over-buying. Take note that many items at a low price add up to quite a substantial sum!

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5 bucks.

First of all, the products are not all made from Japan because I checked, and some of it has got the "made in china"tag at the back. So there's that.

Overall, This is a good place to shop for miscellaneous accessories. I doubt that you can go in and out of the shop without buying anything. I can tell you that. If you like little pots, and containers,stationery, adorable little drinking glasses&mugs, little toys, kitchen gadgets etc stuff like that, you'd love it here.

Oh, and also, you can find some snacks and bevs that you don't usually find at some other stores. For me, they taste different , but still tolerable.

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Almost everything sold here!

I always make a compulsory trip to Daiso whenever I stumbled upon one. Even if I have no intention to buy anything from this store, I always ended up with at least a thing in the end of it. I love Daiso for its well-stocked items and its varieties. Hailed all the way from Japan, you can find the cutest item ever from Daiso if you dig in further.

But the best of all is the price tag. Everything is priced at RM5, regardless of sizes and materials. I often found myself buried in their stationary and glassware section. You can definitely grab a good bargain here.

Daiso will always be my number one store for cheap and quality items. With stores blooming all over the Klang Valley, I now have more reasons to shop at Daiso without spending a fortune.

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Cheap & Nice!

Daiso never fail to amaze me with their cheap and fascinating items all the time. A definite tenant that I always enter whenever I'm shopping. Offering not just items not just at a very low price, but also in good quality.

My experience shopping in Daiso has been really good as I’ve yet to face any issues regarding the items I bought in terms of quality or what not. My personal favourite will definitely be the food and beverage session. Daiso has lots of varieties on Japanese snacks and drinks that you seldom see form other stores. They even sell snacks at a cheaper price compared to others, which I find really nice to purchase.

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Subconsciously over-shopping!

The last time I went to Daiso, I was there to buy a special kind of wool-like material cloth for my project. But as I went on shopping around Daiso, I bought many other things such as a water bottle, a notebook, a packet of highlighters, and a super glue. If you think about it, those other items I bought, aren't exactly worth the 5 ringgit. But it's always fun to shop there.

When I came home, I realized that the superglue was already dried. I couldn't use them anymore. So the next day I returned with the receipt and the lady at the counter refused to give me an exchange of goods nor money. I spoke to the manager of the store and she was really friendly. She understood the fact that it was sealed and I could not open it. She said usually, they are not allowed to do exchanges/refunds but she did let me.

I'd say Daiso is sometimes worth it but it sometimes isn't too. So depending on what you buy, choose wisely. And Daiso would be a place you'd go to. Especially for cheap household items.

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Good place for a shopping spree!!~~

If time allows, I always make a stop at Daiso whenever I come across it. It has a wide variety of products ranging from toys to gardening tools. Most of the stuffs here are sold at RM 5. For some products, at RM 5 might be cheap but for some other products I feel that RM 5 for one is expensive. You just need to choose wisely which product you feel is worth the money.

I am weak against super cute items and most of the time I leave Daiso with at least one item which can be a pair of sweet woolly socks or a cute container. Recently, they started stocking a variety of Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars items which are so kawaii~ that I cannot resist getting one or two items.

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Huge variety of items at RM 5
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Interesting finds!

This is definitely one of my hubby’s favourite stores in any shopping centres! He can spend hours, and I meant hours, inside Daiso browsing though shelves and shelves of interesting finds. We really enjoy spending time browsing through their interesting and innovative household products ranging from kitchen ware to sandwich makers.

Their shopping trolley is yet another worth mention innovation, its so child-friendly and the size of the trolley is just right for you to push around the shop without much worries of the trolley being too big till it can knock into anyone’s legs in front or any shelf whenever you turn. Everything goes at S$2 is one great budget place for bulk purchase of gifts for any occasion. They’ve very interesting kitchen wares and some of them are really worth it at only S$2 each.

However, some of their items seem to be overpriced for their quality. If you pay closer attention, you’ll find normal ballpoint pens and some small notepads which are clearly overpriced. I do hope that Daiso can do something to these overpriced items by bundling them at S$2 a set instead of selling individually.

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(Updated: December 01, 2012)

Culture shock in a RM 5 store

I would walk into Daiso for fun and more often than once, I find something that is so innovative and creative that I end up buying a basket load of. All I can say is that the Japanese are very creative people and there were many things that can improve your conventional way of doing things. For example I saw a plastic bottle cover which was made out of sponge and it served to absorb the liquid that would form outside the bottle from condensation. I ended up buying more than 10 to share with my mum and aunts. They were as happily surprised as I was.

The store packs a variety of products from kitchen ware to children's books. You are bound to findat least 10 items you would like to have especially if you are a housewife. Nowadays I am contented to leave my wallet at home and then scratch my head in wonder at the many innovative items on sale that can improve our simple dailly lives tremendously.

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So many products!
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Cheap, creative stuff

With everything going for only RM5, it's hard not to see yourself piling things into your basket and then getting a shock when you pay for them. So be careful what you put into your basket. At least that piece of advice is for myself.

You can basically find everything there. There's snacks, food, facial stuff, stationery, cooking and kitchen utensils. You can also go there and be amused/ impressed by the creativity of the Japanese with things like clothes folding rack and egg cracker. A good way to waste your time if you find yourself too bored of the usual shopping mall fare.

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