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Berjaya Time Square Theme Park 1 Jalan Imbi , Level 5 & 7
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100
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The biggest indoor theme park in Malaysia. It is located inside the Berjaya Time Square mall

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(Updated: March 16, 2013)

Not bad!

As a thrill seeker, it didn't took me long to try out the roller coaster in the Berjaya Times Square them park during my trip to KL a few years ago. And honestly, during that time, I was just barely made it pass the height requirement. Yup, I was that short lad who loves a fun and exhilarating experience riding a roller coaster.

When I first saw the coaster at the entrance, the screams of thrills really got my blood pumping. It's like the ride is calling me, and I queued up. Being an indoor theme park, the ride looks surprisingly promising. Albeit it's still somewhat small, it was by no way boring.

However, I did think that the track was a bit shorter compared to rides in Universal Studios, Los Angeles and also Warner Bros Movie World in Australia. But perhaps, it's totally unfair the rides here with these 2 overseas them park. However, I think that the roller coaster here is just nicely built for an indoor pump of adrenaline. Being indoor has it's own thrills and that's still pretty awesome in my book.

Thus, I think this place is worth a visit next time you're in Berjaya Time Square.

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Fun rides for children

A few years back, we drove to KL and stayed at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel. This theme park was just under our hotel and the best thing was that it was indoor so rain or shine, my children could take the rides in the theme park.

At that time, the theme park was relatively new so the rides looked very new and nice. It was a one time payment for all the rides so it was a good price for us because we had a lot of time to spend there. Also, it must be the Christmas holidays so most of the KL people were out of town so the theme park was not that crowded. The rides were mostly children rides so adults were there to watch over their children only, not much rides to take.

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Nearly lost my slippers.

I came here with an old friend with his family after an awkward chat inside his house. I was in good terms with the family and they wanted to bring me to the theme park at Berjaya Times Square to have fun. For a free pass to fun and thrills, I'd be crazy to turn that down. This happened back in 2006, late 2006 to be exact.

I remember being in two rides, one is the roller coaster and another one in which I forgot the name but it was that big swinging thingamajig. The roller coaster was pretty awesome. I underestimated this place as I had thought that limited space in Times Square would hinder the fun of being in a roller coaster. Boy was I wrong. I recall having my legs shaking after the first ride. The second ride I remembered was a little bit scary but not too bad. My slippers fell off though but luckily I managed to find it once I got off. Good indoor theme park.

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Roller Coaster
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Indoor roller coaster rides!

I actually found this place while my dad and I were waiting for our wives to complete their shopping at Berjaya Times Square mall.

We heard the loud rumbling of the roller coaster from 2 floors below and were itnerested to check it out. The theme park was dark and had many flashing lights that threatens to cause a seizure to everyone in the park. Eventhough the sign said "Theme Park", it was more along the lines of a Kid's theme park. The roller coaster only did small loops around the area and the other games were not really fun if you are above the age of 11. IT's still a great place to hang out with your kids or small childern though. Give it a try if you're in the area with a crying child.

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Roller coasters inside a mall
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