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Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac)

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Sentul Park Jalan Strachan Off Jalan Ipoh
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 51100
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Listing created by Seewhy on November 17, 2012    

KLPac is one of the most established centre of performing arts in Malaysia. It cultivates and nurtures the passion of people towards theatre, music and dance. Many major events such as Short + Sweet festival, Malaysian Dance festival, French Art Festival and so on were held in KLPac.

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Theatrythm...or not

I came to the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre while accompanying my classmates to watch Shakespeare. Yes, you read that right. The infamous poet and playwright. Of course he wasn't actually there in person. It was a telling of his works and how they can inspire people all over the world.

There was just something phenomenal about the place. It's as if the atmosphere of the place itself adds the dramatic effect of shows here. Teenagers should really come here instead of the regular cinema outing every now and then to enjoy live play. It'll really open their mind as to how good the plays that are being held here.

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A music fan's big stadium

I am a part time musician myself and I just love watching and enjoying live performances. The arts center regularly features shows from local artists as well as foreign artists. I have visited there time and time again for orchestra, symphonies, performances, drama, etc. I never have the time to catch all the shows unfortunately due to money and time restraints. So I just plan for the best shows that are coming within the year.

It is best to go there early andsit and wait because you will kick yourself in the butt if you want to risk it and arrive late. The roads around the place easily get jammed up especially during huge performances so don't say I didn't warn you.

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So many shows!
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Alternative entertainment!!

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC), one of the many performing arts platforms available in Malaysia, is quietly situated in Sentul Park and it became one of my favourite place to enjoy myself after accidentally stumbling upon it.

I frequently go to KLPAC to watch its latest offerings and they have stage theatre, dances, improvisations, musical performances and film screening. At times, performances may be mediocre and not really impactful, but most of the time, I definitely enjoyed myself, despite the genre.

Nevertheless, the ones that I attended so far are able to walk me through a lifetime, bringing out emotions of joy, happiness, sadness, anger and even annoyance when I watched and enjoyed them. Tickets can be bought online via or purchased on the spot. Staff members of KLPAC are really helpful and approachable, so the experience is pretty good for me so far!

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Atmosphere and performances
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