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Astro, an acronym for All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator, is a Malaysian direct broadcast satellite (DBS) Pay TV service brand founded in year 1996. It transmits digital satellite television and radio to households in Malaysia and Brunei.


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With this, I actually watch TV

I miss having this in my house. My parents decided to stop subscribing to save cost. As a result, I hardly watch TV at all, maybe once a month? There really isn't any nice shows on the local channels, even if I get to watch Singapore's TV8.

I remember when I had Astro in the past, I could watch TV for hours. Now, it's computer for hours. When I was a teenager, I always watched MTV, and V. There are always interesting shows to watch. I don't mind the repeats because I can always switch to another channel and watch something that is new to me.

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Repeats, Repeats Everywhere!

Astro is the company that has managed to revolutionize the television world of Malaysia after the failures of MegaTV and another company which I forgot the name. Initially started with only a few channels, it has grown to hundreds of channels as of today from Cartoon Network to HBO to CNBC. Malaysians are sure to find a program or channel to their liking.

Despite all these good things, I am pretty mad at Astro for one thing and that is the fact that they removed TechTV/G4 from their broadcasts. It was a great channel that caters to the tastes of technological enthusiasts and gamers such as myself. Astro got a bit boring after that as I noticed that most channels tend to air re-runs over and over again. Also, Animax never seems to complete an anime series properly. It just seems to jumble episodes everywhere. A good example of it is when they aired Dragonball.

Astro has potential to be even better than this but it doesn't seem to want to do that. As if its already comfortable on where they stand in the market now.

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The reason I am addicted to TV.

My parents subscribed to Astro since I was a little kid. That is why I used to spend all day watching television, causing me to have bad eyesight.

But I think my life would be kind of boring without Astro as it offers over hundred channels with all kinds of TV shows. Especially I am a person who likes to watch drama series. I still remember that I enjoyed Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon during my childhood.

One thing about Astro is that the signals will be lost and out of service when it is raining outside. Can you imagine how depressing it’d be if this happens when you are watching the best part of a show? But the reception during raining days nowadays has been improved a lot compared to last time.

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