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1 Utama Shopping Center Lot G 139B, Ground Floor Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama
Selangor, Malaysia 47800
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Aiman Maulana
Listing created by Aiman Maulana on April 07, 2013    

Just as the name implies, Candylicious is a candy store houses a massive amount of sweet treats from different brands as well as being in different flavours. You may find locally made sweet treats as well as international sweet treats here.

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A tad bit more expensive

Who needs to be sweet when you've got some candy? Just kidding, please pardon the pun.

Candylicious seems to have become the next candy shop stop since the days of Candy Empire - everyone seems to be flocking to buy some Candylicious goodness. Maybe it is because of the name that people think that the candy tastes is the best? I don't know. I personally find the candy at Candylicious to be slightly more limited than the range in Candy Empire. Even so, they do still promise some candy goodness!

While most of their outlets are located in more central areas, I wouldn't be a customer of theirs due to the high prices that they charge. I can't imagine paying a bomb buying a piece of candy just to eat it - that's like eating a ball of money in a few seconds.

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(Updated: April 13, 2013)

Eye candies. Literally.

I did not see any difference between the Candylicious store in Singapore and Malaysia. Oh, I know. Whilst there were several candies in Singapore's store that were non-halal, the same could not be said for Malaysia's case. Everything there is halal. Everything. Gelatine or not, it's still halal. Apparently, the gelatines embedded in Malaysia's candies weren't the ordinary ones. It was a true haven for me.

One baby trolley could wasn't sufficient. Neither was a basket. I could grab gazillions of halal candies there and not even be fazed by any monetary loss. In fact, there was no monetary loss. The price range there is much more affordable than the one's in Singapore. I could attain a bucketful of jellybeans in Malaysia for the price of approximately 1/5 filled bucket of the Singapore ones. Thank god there are causeways and 2nd Links. I will definitely exceed way beyond the luggage weight limit if airplanes are the only mode of transport to and fro Singapore and Malaysia. Phew.

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Halal 100%
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Humongous Candy Shop

As a resident of Petaling Jaya, I have seen One Utama grew several times from the day I was born. Naturally, I'd feel curious as to what would be new in the place. One of the shops that caught my mind was Candylicious. Not only was it because I love sweet things but also because the shop itself is pretty huge.

By huge, I mean that if an adult were to eat everything from the store, he would have diabetes a 100 times over and again. It is near impossible to not be able to find a candy of your liking here. The staff working here were pretty nice. Even when they were closing, they let me and a few friends browsed through their place.

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