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LGK-01 Lower Ground Floor Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Famous Amos' first Hot-baked store was opened in Sungei Wang Plaza and officiated by the founder himself, Wally Amos on November 30, 1984. Today, it operates over 60 successful Hot-baked stores in shopping malls and airports in Malaysia.

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Please try the cookies that look very dark in colour!

I could not recall the name of that heavenly dark cookies as I only had it once. It was so black it could make your teeth black but it tastes so good! Very strong chocolate taste, definitely better than the other cookies. Luckily I was adventurous and thick-faced enough to sample all the cookies, otherwise I would not have bought this gem.

Ok I have just made a Google search and found out that there is a Famous Amos kiosk at City Square. Gonna put it in my reminder so that I will remember to find it when I go to City Square!

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Smell so good

What always attracts me to this outlet is their delicious smell of baked cookies. I guess, everyone should agree with me on this because Famous Amos has the best smelling cookies ever in town, and not to forget, the tastiest cookies around.

I love the fancy look of this outlet, where I felt like a kid feeling all warm and fuzzy inside whenever I saw the cookies on counter and all those pretty little gift set on sale.

The cookie is the ultimatum. I always go for their no nut chocolate chip cookies. The cookies is sweet enough to my liking and they always tasted so good no matter when you purchased it. But I was a bit disappointed learning that the cookies has shrunk in size. They used to be all fat and round, filled with cookie goodness but lately, the has become a bit smaller and flatter. What a bummer!

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I've Never Tasted A Better Cookie In My Life.

Famous Amos is the stuff that makes the dreams of children all over the world! Well, not exactly but somewhat there. As a kid, I really loved Famous Amos cookies, in particular, the Double Chocolate Chip cookie. Yes, as a kid, I was already crazy about chocolate and it didn't help that my father likes to spoil me with sweet things.

Its cookies has the perfect level or sweetness in it coupled together with rich chocolate chips that melt in your mouth, it is sure to leave you begging for more. Oh, a friendly advice to my muslim friend who are reading this. During the fasting month, or even if you are fasting for the heck of it, do not come anywhere close to Famous Amos. The aroma of cookies alone is enough to challenge your willpower.

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Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
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