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33 Jalan Hang Jebat
Malacca, Malaysia 75200
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San Shu Gong is a popular old souvenir shop in Jonker Street for its tidbits and drinks. It provides wide range of traditional tidbits from old time to modern time.

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A place you must not missed!!

For shopholics+food lovers, there is a place you mustn't missed out in Jonker Street and in fact you won't missed it as the building is so stunning and easily spotted. There are 3 things you must try: white coffee, durian cendol and fish-shaped kuih bahulu with pandan filling. First, white coffee. I have no comment about it as i seldom drink coffee but my friend did tell me that the white coffee is nice and comparable to ipoh white coffee ( i mean the original one). Second, durian cendol. It tastes so nice and refreshing especially after having a long walk in Jonker Street under hot sun! Third, the kuih bahulu. Eat it on the spot! you wont regret for listening to my suggestion!

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Must go for food souvenirs!

San Su Gong is one of the place where I will definitely visit every time I go Malacca. I love to go the food section which is at the ground floor. This is the place where I will buy lots of food and snacks. It is always crowded with people. The second floor sells non-edible souvenirs. Normally, I don't buy the souvenirs from there as I would prefer to buy it from Jonker Street at night. Not many people will walk up to the second floor as I realize, some didn't even know it existed. Only busybodies like me will walk up the stairs and check out what's going on there.

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The packaging design for Durian Cendol.

My friends and I visited this place at Jonker Walk during our Malacca day trip last time.

San Shu Gong is actually a shop selling all sorts of local biscuits and there is a cafe called Lao Qian Ice Cafe inside the shop serving cendols and drinks. Since they are serving cendols of two flavor – normal and durian, therefore we ordered one of each flavor.

The packaging design of their cendol was pretty amusing as it comes with a durian design cardboard holder with handle, but somehow not environmentally friendly. Both the cendols tasted good and I like the durian cendol more. Now I regret not trying their famous white coffee.

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Durian Cendol
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A Variety of Sweets and Goodies!

San Shu Gong is often my second destination whenever I drop by Malacca; after I am done with my tasty lunch of chicken riceballs. The wide variety of sweets makes it easy for me to pick up souvenirs and food for families and friends; try the green peas snacks and Tambun biscuit (my favorite).

Everytime I visit San Shu Gong, I noticed that they are always promoting this instant coffee- but unfortunately I'm not a coffee lover. You can also get "Lou Por" biscuits here. The elegantly packaged biscuits make a great gifts- it reflects the not-so-low price of the sweets.

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(Updated: October 05, 2012)

Best place for food souvenirs.

The main reason that I like San Shu Gong is the food and drinks are packaged in neat and attractive boxes so one can bring home the products as gifts or for sharing.

During my visit there, I had tried one of the most popular items, the Durian Cendol. The cendol was really refreshing and sweet. The coconut milk and gula melaka serving was also very generous. The other items I liked is the liquorice drink and the honey lemon drink which are really delicious and thirst quenching during hot days.

The pineapple tarts and dodol are average and lack of flavor as the pineapple paste is really little.

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