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Karen Kong (龚建诗)

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Listing created by PolarBear on August 25, 2013    

She was a participant in Malaysian Idol 2004, but she was eliminated in the first round. Her debut album was in Malay which includes singles such as Cinta Hello Kitty and Ku Tak Upaya.


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I like Cinta Hello Kitty

I remember that she was too nervous she couldn't sing well and asked for a second chance but it was not granted to her. It was really embarrassing as the audience laughed at her, and she did not get to join the Malaysian Idol competition.

When she was asked to perform as a guest in Malaysian Idol, she did well and one of the judges said that the competition would be more interesting if she had entered it, which I agree because Jaclyn Victor had no threats since she was obviously much better than the rest of the participants.

My favourite song from her is Cinta Hello Kitty which I can relate to simply because I am attached to my stuffed animals. Ha.

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