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Sudirman bin Haji Arshad

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Listing created by maniakidd on December 04, 2012    

Died on 1992. He was a famous Malaysian Singer songwriter and had the title of "Asia's No.1 Performer" in 1989.


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Gone too soon

I remebered that I was about 11 years' old when I heard the news that Sudirman had passed away in rather mysterious circumstances. Till this day, the cause of his death has not been truly disclosed. I think that it might be cause for shame to the legacy that he had left behind and I feel that it is best to remember the man for his acheivements.

I grew up watching him on TV and really I didn't think much of his vocal qualities. Even his acting abilities were mediocre at best. There were many others, his peers and rivals who were better. But if there was one thing that he exhibited more than most was the sheer energy that he put into his shows. The day he won the Best Entertainer Award in the UK, I was proud that he did. He showed them Westerners that us Asians could do it just as well if not better than them!

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